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September 2011

Stephen ULRICH/ULERY (Jr.)3 (~1710-1785)Top

121. Stephen Ulrich (Ulery) (Jr.)3 was born about 1710, reportedly in Swebeland (perhaps Schwabenland [Swabia], which is now divided between the modern-day states of Baden-Württemberg and Bayern [Bavaria]), He is also reported to be from Mannheim, Baden, which lies along the Upper Rhein (Oberrhein) River to the northwest of historic Schwabenland. He appears to have first married an Anna Margretha Makin* on January 10, 1729/1730, in Schriesheim, at the foothills to the east of Mannheim, Baden, and immigrated to Pennsylvania. They had at least one son. Anna died before 1740 and Stephen remarried to Elizabeth Greib (Cripe) and had as many as nine more children:

121A. Daniel Ulrich (Sr.) 1735 (1792) (57)

121B. David Ulrich (Sr.) 1746 1823 (77)
121C. Stephen Ulrich (III) 25 Apr 1750 25 Oct 1835 (85)
121D. Christina Ulrich (1752-1753) 1810 (57)
121E. Samuel Ulery 1754 1822 (68)
121F. Lydia Ulrich (1756) (1819) (63)
121X. Elizabeth Ulrich4 (1752/1757) Sep 1834 (77/82)
121H. Susannah Ulrich 3 May 1759 7 Nov 1830 (71)
121I. Hannah Susan Ulrich (1762) 2 Aug 1798 (36)
(121J.) John Ulrich (Sr.)Blue Star 14 Oct 1764 23 Aug 1838 (74)
121K. Mary Ulrich (1765) (1844) (79)
Contemporary Events
  • 1702-1713: Queen Anne's War, second of five French and Indian wars
  • 1712-1741: Händel in London
  • 1719: German Baptist Brethren from Krefeld arrive in Germantown; establish congregation in 1723
  • 1723-1750: Johann Sebastian Bach famed in Leipzig
  • 1723: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
  • 1725: White settlers begin to venture west of the Susquehanna River
  • 1730-1738: Cresap's War between Pennsylvania and Maryland; ultimately settled by the Mason-Dixon Line in 1767
  • 1744-1748: King George's War, fourth of five French and Indian Wars
  • 1750-1830: Classical music period
  • 1752: Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar of 1582
  • 1753: Great Britain adopts January 1st as the first day of the year (formerly March 25th)
  • 1754-1763: French and Indian War between Great Britain and France erupts into the global Seven Years' War in 1756
  • 1760-1820: King George III
  • 1767: Mason-Dixon Line settles the colonial border between Pennsylvania and Maryland
  • 1775-1783: American Revolutionary War
  • 1776: Declaration of Independence
  • 1777: Articles of Confederation
  • 1781: Lord Corwallis surrenders to General Washington
  • 1781-1786: Mozart in Vienna
  • 1783: Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolution
  • 1785-1794: Northwest Indian War
There are mixed accounts of a marriage to Anna Magretha MAKIN, listing various birth dates ranging from 1680 to 1720, and a few sources citing that she died in Maryland before 1740. As such, some place her married to Stephen the elder, others as an earlier wife of Stephen's son, Stephen the junior. More research is needed.
German Baptist Brethren Migration
It is recorded that "Eldrick" and a "Studsman" (likely Stephen Ulrich (Jr.) and Hans Jacob Stutzman (III)) were two of the organizers of the Little Conewago Congregation, formed near Hanover, Pennsylvania, in 1738. The prevalent migrations of the Ulrichs, and associated German Baptist families subsequentually moved to the Conococheaque Creek Valley of the present Franklin County, Pennsylvania and then to the southwestern and west central area of Ohio, especially Montgomery County, and to the central and northern area of Indiana.

Stephen purchaced land from Hans Jacob Stutzman (III) (1705-1775) in modern-day Adams County, Pennsylvania, in 1742, which was then in Lancaster County, later in York County (1749), and finally Adams County (1800).

Baltimore County
Some accounts hold that the first few Ulrich children were born in Baltimore County, Maryland, some even specifying the town of Hanover. These might indicate the town of Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, which very well could have been considered part of Baltimore County prior to settling the Mason-Dixon line in 1767. Hanover, Maryland, is south of Baltimore and now resides in Howard County.

In 1752 Stephen purchased land north of Clear Spring in modern-day Washington County (then in Frederick County).[Heiss 1979] At least three of the last five children were born there.

Stephen and Hans Jacob Stutzman (IV) (1705-1775) are said to have been naturalized in 1767.[Heiss 1979]

Elizabeth (Greib/Cripe) Ulrich died about 1780 in Washington County, Maryland. She was around 60 years old.

Peters Township
Peters Township, which is unlocated in Washington County, Maryland, may refer to that up the Conococheague Creek from Washington County in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, north of Mercersburg, where sons-in-law George and Henry Puderbaugh are found in the 1790 census.

Stephen Ulrich died a few years later in 1785 in Peters Township, Washington County, Maryland.* He was around the age of 74.

After Elizabeth's and Stephen's deaths, several of the children lived in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and at least three moved across the Allegheny Mountains to Woodbury Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, beginning as early as the 1780's with the migration of Elizabeth and Daniel MILLER. Their children continued west into Ohio beginning around 1803 where Elizabeth, Daniel, and three of Elizabeth's siblings (David, Stephen, and Mary) settled first in Preble County and later in Montgomery County.

The last three daughters (Susannah, Hannah, and Mary) all married Puderbaugh (Puterbaugh/Butterbaugh) brothers. Two stayed on in Franklin and Bedford Counties, Pennsylvania.

  • Heiss 1979: Heiss, Willard. "This is the Histra of the Ulrey and Leers." Genealogy, Issue 44, Apr 1979. Indiana Historical Society.

Daniel ULRICH (Sr.) (~1720-)Top

123. Daniel Ulrich (Sr.) was born about 1720, proabably in Germany. He married Christina and had as many as six children.

Daniel Confusion
Two Daniels, this one born about 1720, and another Daniel (121A), born about 1735, are both held to have married a Christina. Is there one Daniel or two? If one, was he Stephen Ulrich's3 brother or son?

Elizabeth (ULRICH) GREIB (1723->1802)Top

125. Elizabeth Ulrich was born in 1723 in Germany, perhaps in Swebeland (perhaps Schwabenland (Swabia)), Mannheim, Baden, where her elder brother Stephen is believed to be from. She likely immigrated in the 1730s, as did her brother, and married Jacob Greib (Cripe) (Sr.). They had 10 children:

125A. John Cripe, Sr. (1746) --  -- 
125B. Jacob Cripe (Jr.) (1746) (1805) (59)
125C. Elizabeth Cripe --  --  -- 
125D. Susannah Cripe (1748) 1818 (70)
125E. Daniel Cripe 15 Apr 1752 23 Oct 1823 (71)
125F. Samuel Cripe, Sr. (1755) 1845 (90)
125G. Mary Cripe (1756) 1786 (30)
125H. Esther Cripe (1762) 1834 (72)
125I. Catherine Cripe (1759/1764) --  -- 
125J. Hannah Cripe (1767) 1827 (60)

Jacob Greib (Cripe) (Sr.) died on February 8, 1801, in Frankstown, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. He was 88 years old.

Elizabeth (Ulrich) Greib is believed to have died soon after her husband in Huntingdon County.