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Septemeber 2011

Jacob/John ULRICH1 (<1660)Top

1. Jacob/John Ulrich1 (perhaps Johann Jacob Ulrich) was born before 1660 in Germany. He married Anna Frey and had at least three sons:

11. Hans Jakob Ulrich --  --  -- 
12. Stephen Ulrich (Sr.)2 1680 --  -- 
13. (George) Ulrich --  --  -- 

According to work by Kriss Replogle and Fred E. Ullery, Jacob's three sons were reportedly short and stout and all three married tall English sisters. It is possible that they married in the English seaman area of Chincoteaque Island in present-day Accomack County, Virgina. They raised ponies -- rounded up the wild small horses on the island and swam them to the mainland to sell.

The first recorded land holdings by the Ulrichs were in the area of the present-day Adams County, Pennsylvania, then in Chester County, which later became Lancaster County on October 14, 1728, York County on October 14, 1748, and finally Adams County in 1800.

It was probably in Adams County that Jacob/John Ulrich, while hunting wild turkeys, fell down a precipice and was fatally impaled on a tree snag.

Stephen ULRICH (Sr.)2 (~1680-1749)Top

12. Stephen Ulrich (Sr.)2 was born about 1680 in Germany. He married Elizabeth WAGGONER (or perhaps Anna Margretha Makin*) and had at least five children:

121. Stephen Ulrich (Jr.)3 (1710) 1785 (75)
122. Samuel Ulrich (1716) --  -- 
123. Daniel Ulrich (Sr.) (1720) --  -- 
124. John Ulrich (1721) --  -- 
125. Elizabeth Ulrich 1723 (1802) (79)
Contemporary Events
  • 1683: Germantown founded by Mennonites from Krefeld
  • 1688: Protestant William of Orange invades England in the "Glorious Revolution" and ascends the throne as William III with Mary II
  • 1689-1697: King William's War, first of five French and Indian wars
  • 1692-1693: Salem witch trials
  • 1702-1713: Queen Anne's War, second of five French and Indian wars
  • 1712-1741: Händel in London
  • 1719: German Baptist Brethren from Krefeld arrive in Germantown; establish congregation in 1723
  • 1723-1750: Johann Sebastian Bach famed in Leipzig
  • 1723: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
  • 1725: White settlers begin to venture west of the Susquehanna River
  • 1730-1738: Cresap's War between Pennsylvania and Maryland; ultimately settled by the Mason-Dixon Line in 1767
  • 1744-1748: King George's War, fourth of five French and Indian Wars
There are mixed accounts of a marriage to Anna Magretha Makin, listing various birth dates ranging from 1680 to 1720, and a few sources citing that she died in Maryland before 1740. As such, some place her married to Stephen the elder, others as an earlier wife of Stephen's son, Stephen the junior. More research is needed.

Two of the children, Stephen and Elizabeth married Greib siblings Elizabeth Greib and Jacob Greib.

Stephen Ulrich reportedly died in 1749 near Hanover, then in Lancaster County but later that year became part of York County, Pennsylvania. He was about 69 years old.