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Roots in Someo, Switzerland

June 2017
Italian and Latin Names
Parish records, from which most of this information comes, is primarily written in Latin, while civil records are primarily written in Italian. Names that have only been observed in Latin but have either been converted to Italian or left in Latin are rendered in italics.

Someo (Soméi)Top

Emblem of Someo, Ticino, Switzerland

The ancestral home of our Tognini/Coirata and Tognazzini families is the town of Someo in the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. In Ticinese dialect it is known as Soméi. Someo lies in Valle Maggia, one of the three main river valleys of Ticino. It is located about 2 kilometers north of Giumaglio and Coglio and its parish also included parishioners in Riveo to the north.

May 2017Native familes include: Antognazzi, Betanta, Bonetti, Caligari, camanino, Caporgno, Cerini (of Riveo), Coirata (Tognini), Coppi, Dalido (D'Ali), Filipponi, Giacometti, Guerra, Guzzi (of Riveo), Lanotti, Martinoni, Morganti, Muscio, Perini, Perinoni, Poma, Righetti (Reit), Tognazzi, Tognazzini, Tognini, and Tomasini.

Parish Records

January 2016Having completed full parish reconstructions of Giumaglio and Coglio, I ordered microfilms of parish records for the Church of Saints Placido and Eustachio (in Italian as "Chiesa di Santi Placido ed Eustachio" and in Latin as "Ecclesia Sancti Eustachii et Socios, Matyres") in May 2017. The parish of Someo was formed before 1591 from the mother church at Cevio[Signorelli 325], about 7 kilometers upriver. Because I only have two known blood lines in Someo--the Tognini/Coirata and Tognazzini families--it is not my intention at this time to do a full parish reconstruction. At present I am focusing on my two ancestral families and wherever they may take me, and connections to other parishioners in Giumaglio and Coglio. The parish records available for Someo include:

Throughout most of this time the parishes of the valley had been under the Diocese of Como, in Italy, until the new federal government of the restored Swiss Confederation unilaterally abolished the diocese's jurisdiction in 1859. Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) eventually responded by appointing the Bishop of Basel, in Switzerland, as administrator Apostolic over the parishes of Ticino in a nominal Diocese of Lugano in 1888. Such an administrator ran the parishes of Ticino until 1971 when a formal Diocese of Lugano with its own bishop was finally established.

Pastors of the Parish of SomeoTop

Father Giovanni Pietro Martinoni (~1685)

June 2017Father Giovanni Pietro Martinoni, likely a native of Someo, was noted as vicar of Someo when he performed a baptism in the parish of Giumaglio in 1685.

Father Baldassare Maria Franzoni (<1689->1702)

May 2017Father Baldassare Maria Franzoni of Cevio started parish marriage records in 1689--the earliest available, microfilmed records. He served through at least July 1702 and afterward as vicar and rector of Giumaglio for 14 years from July 1704 through the end of 1718. Father Franzoni likely died around 1719.

Father Giuseppe Nicola Casanova (<1707-)

May 2017Father Giuseppe Nicola Casanova, rector of the parish, started the second available book marriage records for the parish in 1707.

Father Giovanni Antonio Camani (<1711-)

May 2017Father Giovanni Antonio Camani (perhaps Camanini, a family from Someo?) was vicar from before March 1711...

Father Giovanni Battista Pozzi (1717-1726)

May 2017Father Giovanni Battista Pozzi) (1685-1731) was a native of Giumaglio and the son of Giovanni and Giovanna (Cerini) Pozzi.[Bap 1685] In 1707 he was noted once as a a cleric under Father Franzoni in Giumaglio and served with him at least through 1710. Father Pozzi had become the Vicar of the Chiesa di Santi Placido ed Eustachio in Someo by April 1717 and substituted on occassion for Father Franzoni until Franzoni's apparent death around 1719. After Franzoni's death, Father Pozzi filled in as vicar and rector in July and August 1719 until Father Giovanni Battista Grassi of Mosogno, Valle Onsernone, took over as vicar of the parish for a year from August 1719 until August 1720. Father Pozzi served as rector and vicar of Someo through at least June 1726.

Father Pozzi returned after Father Grassi's departure and doubled as the vicar of Someo and temporary vicar of Giumaglio from September through November 1720. Later, apparently after returning full time to Someo, Father Pozzi died on January 5, 1731, and was buried at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. He was "about 45 years" old.

Father Domenico Barazzi (<1759-1765)

June 2017Father Domenico Barazzi started the second surviving parish book of baptisms in April 1759. With him served Father Giovanni Pietro Neri of Avegno, Chaplain of Someo. Father Barazzi may have died around November 1765.

Father Gaspare Travelli (1766-1788)

June 2017Father Gaspare Travelli of Locarno served as pastor and vicar of Someo from at least February 1766 until about May 1788. Father Giovanni Pietro Neri of Avegno continued to serve with Father Travelli as chaplain until 1769.

After Father Travelli, the parish was run by substitute pastors Giovanni Antonio Calzonio of Auressio, pastor of Giumaglio, from July 1788 to October 1788; Capuchin Friar Emanuele, from August 1788 to November 1789; and Giuseppe Luigi Orelli of Locarno, from June 1790 until December 1789.

Father Antonio Tognetti (1790-~1799)

May 2017Father Antonio Tognetti was a native of Someo and served as vicar from before July 1790 through at least December 1799.

Father Giuseppe Maria (~1824)

Father Pietro Porta (~1844)

Father Domenico Maggini (~1871->1873)


Father Achille Pio Bernasconi (1882-1887)

May 2017July 1882 to September 1887.

Giumaglio Viciniori

May 2017Father Riccardo Pedrazzini took over the parish of Giumaglio by May 1887 and served the next three years until at least July 1890. He also doubled as "vicinior" for the neighboring parish of Coglio during the same time frame. His service in Someo ran about a year from February 1888 to January 1889.

Notai and Dons of SomeoTop

Teodoro Maria Martinoni (< 1753->1766)

June 2017Don Teodoro Maria Martinoni was a physician. He married Maria Margherita Rasini of Fusio in 1753 in Coglio. She was the widow of Giovanni Antonio Del Notaro (1728-~1753) of Coglio who died about their second year of marriage.