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Family Reunions, Fisher

FISHER Family Reunions, 1928-1942

Following is a transcript of an accounting of Fisher reunions held by the descendants of Sylvester Theodore Fisher, Sr. (1833-1897) and his 16 children. The first of these was organized by his son Ira Fisher in 1928 and continued until 1942, the year after Ira's death. Most were held within about 110 miles of Liberty, Nebraska, with exceptions being Gravette, Arkansas, (380 miles south) in 1930, and Cambridge, Nebraska, (215 miles west) in 1934.

The Fisher Reunions

"The first Fisher Reunion will be held August 18-19, 1928, 3 and 3/4 miles south of Liberty, Nebr. at the home of Ira Fisher."

"I hereby appoint myself temporary chairman of this reunion. I appoint my sisters and sisters-in-law as a committee on eats, my brothers and brothers-in-law I appoint as a committee on finance. I appoint my nieces, including my nephews wives, as a committee on music. This includes my own daughter. My nephews and nieces husbands, including my own sons, as a committee on entertainment and sports."

"These appointments do not mean that the aforenamed are the only ones invited. Everyone who is a Fisher or relative of the Fishers is welcome."

"Be it resolved that anyone appointed to a committee and does not help is not worthy of the name Fisher."

"Bring your music and instruments. Signed: Ira Fisher"

"P.S. This is your reunion as well as mine. Everyone help to make it a success."

The above was the invitation put out by Ira Fisher at start the Fisher Reunions. These reunions continued till 1943 when they were discontinued due to gas rationing during World War II and diminishing interest.

The following is taken from the secretary's book of the reunions:

The first Fisher Family Reunion was held Sat. and Sun. Aug. 18-19, 1928, at the Ira Fisher home three and three fourths miles south of Libery, Nebr. This reunion consisted of the direct descendants of Sylvester Fisher.

A business meeting was held and the following motion made. A motion was made that we, the Fisher descendants, make his [sic] meeting an annual affair. The motion was seconded and voted upon. The vote was unanimous. A motion was made and seconded that we elect Ira Fisher chairman of the committee of the reunion. Vote was unanimous. A motion was made and seconded that we elect Faye Edwards as Secretary of the commmittee. Vote was unanimous. A motion was made and seconded to let the direct Fisher descendants select a meeting place for the following year. The committee discussed serveral places but voted on Riverside Park of Beatrice, Nebr. as the meeting place for the following year and then to vote on a different place next year. A motion was made and seconded to meet the 3rd Sunday in August. Motion was carried. A motion was made to make a collection to defray expenses. Motion was carried. Enough money was collected to defray the present expenses and have a balance of $3.15. Purchase of book for register .10. Balance $3.05.

The following were present at the 1928 reunion:

Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Back, Leland and Bobby Lee. Mrs. Janett Beck and Patricia Jean. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bethke, Doris, Pauline, and Dick. Mr. & Mrs. Logan Brown and Marjorie. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Campbell, Wayne and Eva. Mr. & Mrs. James Coyler. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Edwards. Mr. & Mrs. Will Fisher. Mr. Ed Fisher, Mildred, Dwight, Raymond. Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Fisher, Ed and Jimmy. Mr. & Mrs. John Fisher, Bertha and Walter. Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Fisher, and Elmer. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Fisher and Francis. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Fisher, Hannah and Margaret. Mrs. Agnes Ryan. Mr. Ira Fisher, Gerald and Glenn. Mr. Frank Fisher, Floyd and Leoti. Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Gammill, Howard and Kathryn. Mr. & Mrs. Bertie Kincaid and Evelyn. Mr. & Mrs. Ray Maguire, Eunice, Eugene, and Ardyce. Mr. & Mrs. Archie Moorhead, Fern and Darrell, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mellon and Virginia. Mr. & Mrs. John Pickle, Earnest, Hazel, Neva, and Geraldine. Mrs. Sarah I. Glick. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Taylor and Floyd. Alean & Glenn Knight. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Thomas, Archie, Isabelle, and Alvin. Mr. Thomas Clark. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Thomas and Robert. Mrs. Daisy Wilson and Darlene. Mr. & Mrs. Hazel Shannon. Kieth Rose.

Reunions were held in teh following places:

1929 Riverside Park, Beatrice, Nebr. Ira Fisher Pres. Faye Edwards Sec.

1930 Gravette, Arkansas

1931 Ira Fisher home, Liberty, Nebr.

1932 Hardy, Nebr.

1933 Dwight, Kansas. Largest attendance yet 108. The program was as follows: Guitar numbers - Glenn Fisher, Vocal solo - Leoti Fisher, Reading - Ardyce Maguire, Piano solo - Leoti Fisher, Readings - Joyce Hammerle [sic], Duet - Leoti Fisher and Mrs. Glenn Fisher, Reading - Lois York, and Vocal Solo - Mrs. Glenn Knight.

1934 Cambridge, Nebr. C. A. Taylor Acting Pres. and Leoti Fisher Acting Sec.

1935 Dwight, Kansas. Ira Fisher resigned, Mrs. Stella Fisher Taylor elected Pres. Mrs. Wes Hamerle elected Sec. The program was as follows: Reading - Lois York, Reading - Kenneth Fisher, Musical number - Jessie James, Reading - Marveen First, Vocal Duet - Joe & Jessie James, Reading - Neil York. This followed by square dancing.

1936 Junction City, Kansas

1937 Gage Park, Topeka, Kan. Mrs. TAYlor resigned, Leoti Fisher elected Pres.

1938 Lincoln Park, Superior, Nebr. The two sons of Sylvester and Sarah Fisher present were Ira Fisher, Wymore, Nebr. and William Riley Fisher, Stockville, Nebr. Two daughters were also present, Mrs. Charles Taylor, Topeka, Kan. and Mrs. O. R. Glick, also of Topeka.

1939 Lincoln Park, Superior, Nebr. Glenn Fisher elected Pres. and Pearle Fisher elected Sec.

1940 Arbor Park, Wymore, Nebr.

1941 Chautaugua Park, Beatrice, Nebr. Hazel Fisher elected Pres. Glenn Knight Vice Pres. and Mildred Hopkins, Sec.

1942 Shawnee Lake, Topeka, Kan. Glenn Knight elected Pres. Alean First, Vice Pres. and Mildred Hopkins Sec.

1943 To have been in Topeka, Kansas.