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POOLE Family History, Part I

March 2017

December 2016The search for our Poole-Mosher family began with Susan Maria Poole4, her sister Caroline, and, according to family oral history, their half-brother Jacob, who all arrived in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California, from Massachusetts, on October 19, 1859. The following year she and her siblings were enumerated with "John and M. Russell," who traced back to Dartmouth County, Bristol County, Massachusetts, where, in 1850, Susan and her siblings were enumerated with Mariah Poole and some young men from the Reed and Russell families.

Upon review of various census records and Caroline's obituary, the children were likely born in 1843 (Susan), 1847 (Jacob), and 1848 (Caroline), which indicated that if family tradition held then Caroline was also a half-sister; however, as it turns out, the three were all full siblings.

DNA matches with Mosher descendants led to research that showed the Mariah Pool in the 1850 census correlated to Mariah (Mosher Poole) Reed5, the widow of Israel Reed (Sr.) and Jacob Poole (Sr.)3 who went on to marry John R. Russell and moved to California.

The main Poole family of Dartmouth was Sirbinus and Lurena Poole2, whom, with a lead from a DNA test match, I now believe to be Susan's grandparents. From there we looked at son Jacob Poole3 who was first married to Hannah Weaver until her death in 1840, after which Jacob remarried to the widow Mariah (Mosher) Reed5. Jacob and Mariah had a few children before Jacob's death in 1848. Mariah and her children from both marriages were found in the censuses of 1850 along with a Russell family. At this time they were enumerated next to Abiathar Poole, Mariah's elder stepson. John R. Russell of the Russell family was widowed in 1854 and the following year he and Mariah wed. They were enumerated in the Massachusetts state census of 1855 next to Abiathar Poole.

The main discrepancy between oral family history and what I have since learned from the records, is that Susan was a half-sister to Jacob and Caroline. In view of Susan's birth in 1843, after the death of Hannah Weaver and a year after Jacob's marriage to Mariah, it is mostly clear that Susan, Jacob, and Caroline were all children of Mariah and Jacob and perhaps that the half-siblings recalled were those of the Reed boys, who also migrated to California by 1860.

Jacob POOLE1 (~1720-)Top

1. Jacob Poole1, was named as the father of Sirbinus Poole2 in vital records of Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He is reported to have married Mehetabel Elliott.

  • Dartmouth Records, 1667-1884, Births, Intentions of Marriage, Forbidden Bans, Marriages, and Deaths

Sirbinus POOLE (Sr.)2 (1755-)Top

11. Sirbinus Poole (Sr.)2 is first found in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, where he was recorded to have been born on February 11, 1755, and married to Lurana (reportedly Lurana Lee). They had 11 children together:

11A. Benjamin Poole 29 Jun 1785 --  -- 
11B. Sarah Poole 28 Jul 1785 --  -- 
11C. Mercy Poole 8 Feb 1788 --  -- 
11D. Jacob Poole (Sr.)3 19 Sep 1790 2 Mar 1848 (57)
11E. Major Poole 5 Jul 1793 --  -- 
11F. Abiathar Poole 20 Nov 1795 --  -- 
11G. Lurana Poole 3 Jan 1799 --  -- 
11H. George Poole 12 Nov 1800 --  -- 
11I. Olive Poole 24 Apr 1806 18 Dec 1871 (65)
11J. Sirbinus Poole (Jr.) 8 Dec 1808 4 Oct 1885 (76)
11K. Hannah Poole 10 May 1813 --  -- 
  • Dartmouth Records, 1667-1884, Births, Intentions of Marriage, Forbidden Bans, Marriages, and Deaths