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MOSHER Family History, Part V

January 2017

Mariah (MOSHER REED POOLE) RUSSELL5 (1804-1860)Top

1DBI1.November 2015 Mariah (Maria) Mosher5 was born around 1804 or 1805 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She first married Israel Reed (Sr.) around September 14, 1824, in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. They had four sons before Israel's death around 1841. The following year Mariah married Jacob Poole (Sr.)3 on May 22, 1842, in Dartmouth.[Dartmouth] He had three surviving children, two of whom were grown, and the yougest of whom was 12 years old. Mariah and Jacob had three more chiildren before his death in 1848. By 1850, a Russell family was enumerated with hers and in 1854 John R. Russell was widowed, reportedly with an 8-year-old son. The following year Mariah and John married on January 25, 1855, in Dartmouth. All together, Mariah had seven children and five stepchildren:

-- Sarah Poole (Jan 1814) 19 May 1877 (63)
-- Abiathar Poole 17 Jul 1819 27 Feb 1909 (89)
-- Lindsey Weaver Poole (Sr.) (1822-1823) (1860-1865) (37-43)
-- Phillip S(anford) Poole 25 Jan 1830 9 Oct 1914 (84)

1DBI11. Wilson Reed (1825-1826) (> 1850) (> 24)
1DBI12. Isaac M. Reed (1827-1828) (> 1850) (> 22)
1DBI13. Israel Reed (Jr.) 9 Mar 1834 9 Jun 1867 (33)
1DBI14. John Leonard Reed 8 May 1836 23 Oct 1910 (74)

1DBI15. Susan Maria Poole4 27 May 1843 24 Jun 1931 (88)
1DBI16. Jacob Poole (Jr.) (20 May 1845) (> 1860) (> 16)
1DBI17. Caroline (Hannah M.) Poole (19 Oct 1847) 2 Feb 1883 (35)

-- John T. Russell 14 Feb 1848 --  -- 

Mariah (recorded as "Meriah") and Israel filed their intention to marry in Dartmouth on September 14, 1842.[Dartmouth]

Israel Reed (Sr.) died around 1841 while in his late 30s.

Mariah remarried to Jacob Poole (Sr.) on May 22, 1842, in Dartmouth. Her boys were between the ages of 6 and 15 and his children were around the ages of 12, 22, and 27.

Jacob Poole (Sr.) died on March 2, 1848, only four months after the birth of his daughter. He was also buried at Linden Grove Cemetery.[Grave]

After Jacob's death, Mariah and John Russell were found in the 1850 census with "Mariah Pool" named as the head of household, age 45. With her were enumerated her four Reed sons, Wilson, Isaac M., Israel, and John L., ages 14 through 24. The elder three were identified as sailors. Next were listed Susan M., Jacob, and Caroline Pool, ages 2 through 7. And lastly came John Russell, a laborer of the age of about 30; Stephen Russell, age 55, also a laborer; and Drusilla Russell, age 29. Stephen is held to be John's father. John's son John T. was not enumerated with the family.[Cen 1850]

Record Inconsistencies
The outstanding inconsistencies between the census and other sources are the elder Reed men, Wilson and Isaac M.; and daughter Caroline, who was recorded elsewhere to be named Hannah. "Drusilla" could somehow refer to Caroline E. Cummings, but Drusilla's age is about seven years older than that estimated for Caroline, and there is the absence of son John T.

Mariah and John R. Russell were married on January 25, 1855, in Dartmouth, by Justice of the Peace William Barker, Jr. John was reportedly widowed a year earlier, having been married to Caroline E. Cummings for six years. Mariah was 48 years old and John was 35.[Dartmouth]

The Massachusetts state census of 1855 further recorded the newly wedded Russell couple with Mariah, age 51, and John, age 35. With them were Susan M., Jacob, and Carolina Pool, ages 8 through 12; and John L. Reed, a 20-year-old mariner. They were enumerated following the household of "Abiathar Pool," Mariah's elder stepson.[Cen 1855] Abiathar's wife Emily Ann was also a Reed.

Mariah, John, and the three Poole children all migrated to California by way of the Isthmus of Panama in 1859. They arrived in the bustling gold mining town of Coulterville, Mariposa County, California on October 19, 1859, and that night a great fire that razed the town.

In 1860, the family lived in Coulterville where John worked as a teamster. Son Jacob, then 16 years old, lived nextdoor with Charles Allen and three other men, all of whom worked as teamsters. Jacob worked as a farmer.[Cen 1860]

November 2015After 1860, son Jacob died and was said to be the first to be buried in the Dudley family cemetery. Both Susan and Caroline married and Mariah and John were no longer recorded. What became of them is unknown. They were said to be 55 and 40 years old in 1860.

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