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Goss Family Book, Part II

March 2014

Grandchildren of Andrew GOSS1 (1840-1912)Top

Estella Evangeline (GOSS) TISCORNIA (1892-1978)Top

Stella (GOSS) TISCORNIA 112. Estella "Stella" Evangeline Goss was born on November 30, 1892, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. She married George Victor Tiscornia, a grandson of Italian immigrants, on April 3, 1915, in Merced, Merced County, California and raised four children:

1121. James Victor "Buddy" Tiscornia 31 Oct 1915 2 Sep 1935 (19)
1122. Inez R. Tiscornia 26 Sep 1917 (29) May 2011 (93)
1123. Donnis Tiscornia --  --  -- 
1124. William "Bill" Darrell Tiscornia 5 May 1926 31 Oct 2009 (83)

Mariposa Gazette, April 10, 1915

George Victor TISCORNIA "A wedding of some interest to people of the north side of the river took place in the Superior Court chambers in Merced, when George V. Tiscornia and Miss Ella Goss, a popular Coulterville couple, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Judge E. N. Rector, last Saturday, April 3rd. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Goss and is a native of Coulterville. The groom is the eldest son of Mrs. Tiscornia and like the bride was born and raised in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Tiscornia arrived in town last Monday evening and are at present are visiting at the home of the bride's parents before departing for Yosemite Valley where Mr. Tiscornia holds a responsible position at the Lounsbury garage. Their many friends extend their hearty congratulations and wish them a happy and prosperous journey through life."

Estella "Stella" Evangeline (Goss) Tiscornia died on March 21, 1978, at the age of 85. At the time she lived in Merced, Merced County, California.

George Victor Tiscornia died seven months later on October 24, 1978, in Merced.

Merced Sun-Star, March 22, 1978

"Rites Set for Stella Tiscornia"

"Services will be 11 a.m. Friday at Mission Chapel of Ivers and Alcorn Funeral home for a member of a pioneer Merced area family, Mrs. Stella E. Tiscornia, 85, who died Tuesday in a Merced hospital."

"Interment will be private in the masonic Section of the Merced District Cemetery."

"Rev Charles Hoffmeister of the Central Presbyterian Church will officiate."

"Mrs. Tiscornia, born Nov. 30, 1892 in Coulterville, lived in Merced 63 years. Her parents were James and Louisa Goss, who were members of pioneer Coulterville families that came to mariposa County in the early 1850s."

"Her grandfather was one of the directors of the Coulterville Turnpike Co., which established the first wagon road into Yosemite. He also built the first gold mill in the Coulterville area."

"Mrs. Tiscornia's father operated a freight line into Yosemite which hauled freight to the U. S. Cavalry at Cascade Falls before it became a national park. She attended schools in Coulterville."

"She married George Tiscornia, a Coulterville resident, in Merced in 1915, establishing a home in Merced at that time. She was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary the Merced Emblem Club, the Merced Antique Study Group and the Merced Garden Club."

"Mrs. Tiscornia is survived by her husband, George, two daughters Mrs. Warren Epps and Mrs. William Stevenson; and a son William TISCORNIA, all of Merced; three sisters, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren."

"She was preceded in death by a son, James (Buddy) Tiscornia."

Mariposa Gazette, March 23, 1978

"Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday march 24 at the Mission Chapel of Ivers and Alcorn for Mrs. Stella E. Tiscornia, 85, who died March 21 in Merced."

"Born November 30, 1892 in Coulterville, she was the daughter of James and Louise Goss, members of a pioneer Coulterville family that came to Mariposa county in the early 1850's. Her grandfather [Andrew Goss] was one of the directors of the Coulterville Turnpike Company, which established the first wagon road into Yosemite. He also built the first Gold Mill in the Coulterville area."

"Mrs. Tiscornia's father operated a freight line into Yosemite which hauled freight to the U. S. Calvary at Cascade Falls. She attended school in Coulterville and married George Tiscornia, a Coulterville resident, in Merced in 1915. They established their home at 829 West 19th Street."

"She was a member of the Merced Antique Study club and the Merced Garden Club."

"Survivors include her husband George of Merced; two daughters, Mrs. Warren Epps and Mrs. William Stevenson; all of Merced. She is also survived by three grandchildren and three great grandchildren and was preceded in death by a son, James (Buddy) Tiscornia."

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James Albert GOSS, Jr. (1897-1899)Top

113. James Albert Goss, Jr. was born on June 1, 1897, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. He died on April 20, 1899, a month and 10 days shy of his second birthday. He is buried at the Coulterville Cemetery.

Zelda Kathryn (GOSS) HUDSON (1903-1984)Top

114. Zelda Kathryn Goss was born on November 10, 1903, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. She married Joseph Bruce Hudson but had no children.

Joseph Bruce Hudson died on April 10, 1981, while they resided in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, California. He was 77 years old.

Zelda Kathryn (Goss) Hudson died three and a half years on October 20, 1984, at the age of 80. Both are buried at the Coulterville Cemetery in Coulterville, Mariposa County.

  • Cen 1910: 10 May 1910 Census, Township 2 (Coulterville), Mariposa County, California

Ila Anna GOSS-BARRETT (1905-2006)Top

Ila GOSS-BARRETT 115. Ila Anna Goss was born on May 14, 1905, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. She married Frank Harry Barrett, a grandson of Irish, Scottish, and Italian immigrants, on July 2, 1924, in Modesto, Stanislaus County, California. Together they tended to old Coulterville and kept up the museum and post office. Their deep ties to and knowledge of the old town made them the town historians. They had four daughters:

1151. Russelle Barrett --  --  -- 
1152. Wilma "Billy" Barrett --  --  -- 
1153. Patsy Barrett --  --  -- 
1154. Frankie Barrett --  --  -- 
Ila, my grandfather's cousin, was a leading inspiration in spurring my interest in genealogy. Her work is the basis for pretty much all that I relate here on the Goss, Goodwin, and McNeil-Johnson families.

Ila Anna Goss and Frank Harry Barrett were married by Rev. Marcus P. McClure on July 2, 1924, at the home of Asa and Mabel Procily at 127 Sierra Drive, Modesto, Stanislaus County, California. They moved to Merced, Merced County where their first daughter was born, and then to the Barrett family homestead in Merced Falls where the other three were born. It was in Merced Falls that Frank opened a garage and service station.

Ila GOSS-BARRETT In 1936 they sold the Merced Falls homestead and moved up to Coulterville where Frank was a cattle rancher and served as justice of the peace for four years. Ila worked as a storekeeper and homemaker.

During World War II the family lived near Merced where Frank worked at the Del Monte Orchards as a blacksmith, welder and horse shoer. When the war was over they returned to Coulterville where Frank operated Barrett's Garage and Service Station, assisted by his wife Ila. They added a grocery store and museum of early day curios, his lifelong hobby, operating it until retirement in 1963.

Coulterville General Store, 2009

Frank loved mechanics and especially blacksmithing and both loved collecting antiques and traveling.

Frank Harry Barrett died on January 12, 1977, following a short illness. Service were held at the Franklin and Down Colonial Chapel in Modesto on the 15th he was laid to rest at the Coulterville Cemetery.

Shively-Cripe/Ulrich Connection
Coincidentally, daughter Russelle's husband Duane Shively is a second-great-grandson of Esther (Ulrich) Shively (1813-1884) and third-great-grandson of Hannah (Cripe) Shively (~1786-1868) and therefore related to the Greib/Cripe and Ulrich/Ulery families.
Credit goes to Frank's obituary in the Mariposa Gazette, January 20, 1977, for some of the content of this piece.


Ila Anna Goss-Barrett died 29 years later on July 29, 2006. She was 101 years old! Ila is buried along side her husband Frank at the Coulterville Cemetery.

  • Cen 1910: 10 May 1910 Census, Township 2 (Coulterville), Mariposa County, California

Eloise "Bussie" Irene (GOSS) LEMONS (1908-2002)Top

Bussie (GOSS) LEMONS 116. Eloise "Bussie" Irene Goss was born on May 31, 1908, in California and married Clabe Wicker Lemons about 1928. They had four sons:

1161. James Darrel Lemons --  --  -- 
1162. Wayne Lemons --  --  -- 
1163. Ray Albert Lemons 14 Apr 1932 11 May 1939 (7)
1164. Roy Alvin Lemons 14 Apr 1932 9 Jun 1995 (63)
Lemons Origins
Clabe was born on February 11, 1901, probably in Cooke County, Texas, north of Dallas. Census records show that the Lemons family came to Texas from Missouri.

After their marriage, the young family resided with Clabe's parents at 849 Fourth Avenue in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, California, at least through the 1930 census.

Clabe Wicker Lemons died on November 20, 1984, in Stanislaus County, California at the age of 83. He is buried at the Coulterville Cemetery.

Eloise "Bussie" Irene (Goss) Lemons died on October 20, 2002, in Stanislaus County. She was 94 years old.

  • Cen 1910: 10 May 1910 Census, Township 2 (Coulterville), Mariposa County, California

William Albert GOSS (1899-1966)Top

Will GOSS 141. William Albert Goss was born on August 3, 1899, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. He was likely named for his uncle William A. Goss, who had died eight years earlier. He married Wilma Edith Andrews, a native of Ohio, about 1926 and had two daughters:

1411. Norma Jean Goss 17 Sep 1930 17 Sep 2005 (75)
1412. Loralee Ruth Goss 23 Mar 1933 17 Jan 1982 (48)

Wilma (ANDREWS) GOSS Will married Wilma when he was 26 years old and she 21 years old, and settled down at 721 Wheeler Street, several blocks east of his parents' place on Roberts Avenue in Santa Rosa. There Will worked as a bill poster for a sign company.[Cen 1930]


"Services were conducted at Eggen and Lance Mortuary on Tuesday, March 15th at 2:30 p.m. for William Albert Goss, born August 3, 1899 in Coulterville. He died March 13 at Santa Rosa. Howard Stansbery of the Christian's Church officiated and private interment followed in Santa Rosa Memorial Park."

"Will Goss, the son of B.R. and Alice Converse Goss spent much of his early life in Coulterville and in Jamestown, then going to Colusa and Oregon. In 1923 the family moved to Santa Rosa where they have resided since that time."

"He leaves his wife Wilma and two daughters, Norma Jean Smith of Sacramento and Loralee Baccilli [sic] of Sunnyvale; two granddaughters, Kathy and Sue Baccelli and a brother Lloyd Goss of Santa Rosa."

William Albert Goss died on March 13, 1966, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, and buried at the Santa Rosa Memorial Park on March 15, 1966. He was 66 years old.

Wilma Edith (Andrews) Goss died 17 years later on October 14, 1983, in Santa Rosa. She was 78 years old.

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  • Cen 1910: 18 May 1910 Census, Twp. 4 (Jamestown), Tuolumne County, CA; SD 4, ED 168, Sht. 16B
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  • Cen 1930: 8 Apr 1930 Census, 721 Wheeler Street, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

Lloyd Andrew GOSS3 (1912-1981)Top

Lloyd GOSS 142. Lloyd Andrew Goss3 was born September 19, 1912, in Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California. He was the second son of Benjamin Roland Goss and Alice Lucretia Converse. He was a carpenter. Lloyd married Hazel Elizabeth Malugani on March 27, 1937, in Carson City, Nevada, and raised three children in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California:

1421. Gayle Goss --  --  -- 
1422. Judith Goss --  --  -- 
1423. Gary Goss4 --  --  -- 

Lloyd Andrew GOSS Family Lloyd Andrew Goss was born in Jamestown but the Goss family soon left Jamestown for Colusa, Colusa County, where they lived at 222 Market Street. Father Benjamin worked as an auto mechanic and Lloyd attended elementary school.[Cen 1920] In the early 1920s, the family temporarily settled for a year in Myrtle Point, Coos County, Oregon, where they lived in a tent priorior to returning to California and settled down in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County in 1923. Lloyd attended school in the Roseland District at least through 1928.

In May 1933, Lloyd joined the Civilian Conservation Corps, part of President Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression, at Fort McDowell (now known as Angel Island) on the San Francisco Bay in Marin County, California. In June he began work as a laborer at Hawkins Bar, near Salyer, along the Klamath River in the Trinity National Forest, Trinity County, California. He worked there until his release on October 5, 1933.

On March 27, 1937, Lloyd, age 24, married Hazel Elizabeth Malugani, age 18, in Carson City, Nevada. According to Hazel they met at the "Midway" dance hall on Sebastopol Road when Lloyd mistook her for someone else.

After their marriage, Lloyd and Hazel lived in the lower level of Lloyd's parents' home in Santa Rosa on Roberts Avenue. They later found their own place at 251 Barham Avenue[Cen 1940] on the other side of the railroad tracks. Daughters Gayle and Judy were born there and in 1942 the family moved back to Roberts Avenue where son Gary4 was born. Around 1946, the Goss family moved to Lloyd's father's new home at 1200 Brush Creek while Lloyd built their new home at 939 Middle Rincon Road. They lived at this "temporary house" over 30 years until Lloyd's death in 1981.

Lloyd took his apprenticeship in carpentry under Bob Whiting and worked for contractor Clyde Hansen after Lloyd and Hazel's wedding in 1937. He also worked for contractors Walter Rathke, Christiansen & Foster, and ultimately Foster after he split from Christiansen & Foster. It was from Foster that Lloyd retired.

Lloyd was 5' 11" tall, slender, with sandy blond hair combed straight back. His hobbies included hunting, mostly deer and raccoon hunting; and fishing, mostly salmon, halibut, trout, and surf fishing -- although he generally didn't like to eat fish, save for smoked salmon. Camping also played a big part in Lloyd's recreation. Weekend trips were very common, many of the trips in the earlier days were up to Albion Bay in Mendocino County, where he had a salmon trawler named Narvik. Lloyd frequented the campsites at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, notably Markley Cove, and fished the waters of the Russian River in Sonoma County with stops at the Cassini Ranch campground.

In the late 1970s Lloyd took up C.B. radio as a hobby and joined the Double O' Buddy recreational vehicle club. With the handles "Santa Rosa Drifter" and "Lucky Lady," Lloyd and Hazel frequented the coast, notably Goat Rock which marks the mouth of the Russian River, with their friends in their fifth-wheel trailer. As Hazel recalls, it was during the C.B. radio gatherings that Lloyd, after 40 years of shunning dances, really took to dancing and became quite a smooth dancer.

Lloyd Andrew Goss died at home under hospice care on Middle Rincon Road on August 1, 1981, following a battle with lung cancer. He was 68 years old. Lloyd is inurned at Franklin Cemetery in Santa Rosa.

From the perspective of his grandchildren (self included), Lloyd was a mischievous old man who loved to torment his grandchildren. Games included giving his pipe to young children for a puff and giving "Dutch rubs" or "knuckleas." We generally tried to steer clear of Grandpa whenever he was in a playful mood. You were also warned to be quiet during Grandpa's nap time, which he never missed, and had best "get out of the rocks" in his pee gravel driveway. Teasing grandchildren aside, he was an extraordinarily hard-working man. He was constantly in motion working in the yard...building something, fixing something, gardening...or getting ready for another outdoor excursion. His final months were unforgettably sad as he had to rely on his children and teen-aged grandchildren to take care of his chores while he supervised from the confines of his wheel chair.

  • Cen 1920: 2 Jan 1920 Census, 222 Market Street, Colusa, Colusa County, California
  • Cen 1930: 3 Apr 1930 Census, Roberts Avenue, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California
  • Cen 1940: 10 May 1940 Census, 251 Barham Avenue, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

Charles Donald GOSS (1916-1955)Top

Charles Donald GOSS 161. Charles "Charlie"/"Don" Donald Goss was born on October 3, 1916, in Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California. He appears to have been named for his uncle Charles A. Goss. Don married Jeanne L. Hewitt and fathered three daughters:

1611. Margaret Goss --  --  -- 
1612. Marilee Goss --  --  -- 
1613. Andrea Goss --  --  -- 

Don graduated from Sonora Union High School in 1934. He later enlisted with the U.S. Navy Reserve and served as Boatswain's Mate Second Class (BM2) during World War II.

After the war, Don served as a lineman with Bell Telephone in San Francisco, where his daughters were born.

Don later moved to Madera, Madera County, and joined the highway patrol in July 1952. Upon becoming a patrolman, Don decided to switch to going by his first name, Charles, and became known among the patrolman as "Charlie."

Don and Jeanne are recalled to have been a pleasure to watch on the dance floor. Both were quite musical and passed that talent to their daughters.

Newspaper Article

"Highway Patrolman Goss Dies in Chowchilla Crash: Funeral services were held at the Jay mortuary in Madera [Madera County], Monday, Nov. 28, for Charles D. Goss, 39, a state highway patrolman, who was instantly killed Friday morning near Madera when his patrol car collided with another machine in a dense fog."

"Donald, as he was known to his friends, was on duty and was bringing three people who had been involved in a minor accident to Chowchilla for first aid. He was a son of the late Jesse Goss of Jamestown, and grandson of Andrew and Elizabeth Goss, pioneer settlers of Coulterville."

"Goss was born and raised in Jamestown, Tuolumne county, attended schools there, and later moved to San Francisco, where he was employed by the Bell Telephone Co. He served in the U.S. navy and attended the cadet training school of the highway patrol in Sacramento. He had been in Madera since 1952, where he was assigned upon completing his training."

"Highway patrolmen attended the funeral in a large group from nearby valley towns as well as from distant points."

"Goss is survived by his wife, Jean, and three small daughters, Margaret 9, Marilee 6, and Andrea 5; a sister, Mrs. Phyllis Bigelow of Chico; two uncles, James Goss of Coulterville and Ben Goss of Santa Rosa, and several cousins, among them Mrs. Ila Barrett of Coulterville."

On a foggy November 25 morning in 1955, Charlie responded to an auto accident near Red Top on Highway 152, west of Chowchilla. Four men, Alfred D. Reid, 37, Tony Florentino, 18, Tony Mastro, 18, and John Ambry, 18, all from Fresno, had been heading west to Los Banos to hunt pheasants when they were involved in an accident. Charlie picked them up and was taking them back east toward Chowchilla for medical treatment when, as they crossed the fog-shrouded, two-lane Ash Slough Bridge on Highway 152, an oncoming car driven by Ernest Welch attempted to pass a truck only to collide head-on into Charlie's patrol car. Charlie was killed instantly and passengers Florentino and Reid were critically injured.

Charles Donald Goss was interred three days later, November 28, at the Arbor Vitae Cemetery in Madera. He was only 39 years old.

Jeanne went on to remarry to Kenneth W. Ford in Monterey County on June 16, 1976.

Jeanne L. (Hewitt Goss) Ford died on August 3, 2006, while living in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California. She was 91 years old. Jeanne's ashes were laid with Charlie's two months later on October 20.

Gertrude Phyllis (GOSS) BIGELOWTop

162. Gertrude Phyllis Goss married Phil Bigelow and had two children:

1621. Deborah Bigelow --  --  -- 
1622. Joshua Bigelow --  --  --