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GOODWIN Family History, Part II

November 2009

Thomas GOODWIN (1849)Top

131. Thomas Goodwin was born in Kilbirnie, Strathclyde, Scotland, on September 5, 1849. He died months later and was buried in Kilbirnie.

James William GOODWIN (1851)Top

132. James William Goodwin was born in Ayrshire, Strathclyde, Scotland, on March 17, 1851. He died six months later while en route to American in September 1851. He was buried at sea just before arriving in New York.

Elizabeth (GOODWIN) GOSS3 (1852-1942)Top

Elizabeth (GOODWIN) GOSS 133. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Goodwin3 was born August 12, 1852, in Bear Gap, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, the first child to survive beyond infancy. She was apparently named after her paternal grandmother back in Scotland and perhaps her aunt who lived nearby in Pennsylvania coal mining country. When she was a little girl her family moved to Coulterville, Mariposa County, California during the Gold Rush. Lizzie married Andrew Goss, a Swedish immigrant, on May 3, 1868, apparently just days before she gave birth to their first son. She was only 15 years old, he was 28. Together they had six sons:

1331. James Albert Goss, Sr. 7 May 1868 10 Jul 1956 (88)
1332. Charles A. Goss 10 Mar 1871 23 Nov 1891 (20)
1333. William A. Goss 8 Apr 1873 4 Apr 1890 (16)
1334. Benjamin Roland Goss4 31 Jul 1876 17 Sep 1956 (80)
1335. John Charles Goss 5 Jul 1879 19 Sep 1882 (3)
1336. Jesse Norman Goss 29 Nov 1883 1 Feb 1946 (62)
Four Generations, c. 1941
Four Generations, c. 1941
Left to right: Benjamin and Gayle, Alice, Elizabeth and Judy, Lloyd, and Will.

Elizabeth and her husband divorced about 1886. After the divorce, Andrew and Elizabeth split the estate. Andrew's half eventually became his son James Albert's, who later turned it over to his youngest daughter Bussie. When Bussie moved to Oakdale, she sold it to her niece Billy.

Elizabeth and youngest son Jesse N. moved to Tuolumne, Tuolumne County, before 1900 where she was a hotel keeper.[Cen 1900] She ended up defaulting on the taxes of the Coulterville property and the estate was bought out by a local cattle rancher, Tim Carlon. Later Carlon sold the property to the Merced Gold Mining Company from whom granddaughter, Ila Goss-Barrett bought it. Ila later sold the property to her daughter Billy so that now much of the original homestead remains in Billy's hands.

Elizabeth (GOODWIN) GOSS, 1853-1942Elizabeth (Goodwin) Goss died on June 2, 1942, at her son James' home in Coulterville. She was 89 years old and outlived all her younger siblings. Elizabeth is buried at the Coulterville Cemetery.

  • Cen 1900: 12 Jun 1900 Census, Township 4, Tuolumne County, California

Martha Jane (GOODWIN) WAGNER (1854-1885)Top

134. Martha Jane Goodwin was born either April 11 or September 7, 1854, in Bear Gap, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She moved with her parents to Coulterville, Mariposa County, California, during the Gold Rush and married Charles Wagner, an immigrant from Rittershoffen, Alsace, France, who left in 1872 following the German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine during the Franco-German War (1870-1871). Jane and Charles married about 1873 and had five children before her early death in 1885:

1341. Carrie J. Wagner 14 Apr 1873 30 Jul 1964 (91)
1342. Charles A. Wagner, Jr. 22 Sep 1874 11 Jun 1888 (13)
1343. Marguerite May Wagner Feb 1876 2 Jul 1968 (82)
1344. Bertha "Birdie" E. Wagner 13 Sep 1878 9 Jan 1974 (95)
1345. Daniel M. Wagner 25 Aug 1880 20 Jan 1883 (2)
"Mariposa Gazette," March 7, 1885
"Wagner- At Wagner's Ranch, above Coulterville, March 1st, 1885, Mrs. Jane Wagner, wife of Charles Wagner."

Martha Jane (Goodwin) Wagner died on March 1, 1885, at the age of 30. She is buried at the Coulterville Cemetery.

Charles Wagner continued on in the Greeley Hill area and died in 1915. He was about 76 years old. He is also buried at the Coulterville Cemetery.

John Charles GOODWIN (1857-1876)Top

135. John Charles Goodwin was born April 9, 1857, in either Pennsylvania[Cen 1870] or the Mother Lode of California. He was likely named for his uncle.

John Charles Goodwin died at the age of in September 19, 1876, in Coulterville, Mariposa County and is buried there at the Coulterville Cemetery.

  • Cen 1870: 12 Jul 1870 Census, Maxwell Creek, Fourth Township, Mariposa County, California

Maggie (GOODWIN) WIBLE (~1860-1899)Top

136. Maggie Goodwin was born in the Mother Lode of California in 1860 or 1861. She married Charles P(hillip) Wible from Adams County, Pennsylvania, and had one daughter:

1361. Marguerite Wible 2 Nov 1899 19 Sep 1971 (71)

Maggie and Charles are recalled to have visited Charles' hometown near Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, around the time that she went to college.

Laurel Hill Cemetery
Laurel Hill Cemetery was closed in stages in 1892, 1901, and finally in 1939. Remains were moved to Cypress Lawn in Daly City (1892), the Japanese Cemetery in Colma (1901), and the Serbian Cemetery in Colma (1901).

Maggie (Goodwin) Wible tragically died the day after her daughter's birth on November 3, 1899, in San Francisco. She was about 38 years old and was buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in San Francisco.

"Mariposa Gazette," November 18, 1899
"Mrs. Maggie Goodwin Wible, born and raised in this county, died in San Francisco on November 3rd, 1899. Mrs. Wible was a sister of Mrs. Lizzie Goss, George Goodwin, and aunt of Mrs. Carrie Dexter and Miss M. Wagner. The deceased left a little baby. Mrs. Goss, George Goodwin and wife, and Mrs. Carrie Dexter attended the funeral. The internment was at Laurel Hill Cemetery, San Francisco. The sympathy of the community is with the husband and sorrowing relatives."

Shortly after Maggie's death, Charles Wible stayed a while in the San Francisco Bay Area, in San Mateo County[Cen 1900] and perhaps in Suisun, Solano County[Vote 1902], before moving south to Brawley, Imperial County, California, near the Mexican border, by about 1908. There he ran orange groves through at least 1926[Vote 1926]. Charles remarried to a woman named Flora M., a native of Ohio, and moved to 964 Larrabee Street in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County by 1930[Cen 1930]. Within two years they moved again to 4307 Woodlawn Avenue in Los Angeles by 1932.[Vote 1932]

Their daughter Marguerite was raised by Maggie's nieces, the Wagner sisters, primarily Maggie May Wagner.

Charles P(hillip) Wible died about 1941 or 1942. He was about 82 years old.

After Charles' death, Flora moved to 1394 Rose Avenue in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, by 1946[Vote 1946]. Within two years she moved two blocks south to 1116 Gardenia Avenue[Vote 1948].

Flora M. Wible died in Los Angeles County on January 17, 1965. She was 92 years old.

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George Thomas GOODWIN (1861-1920)Top

137. George Thomas Goodwin was born in March, 1861 or 1862, in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. He first married Julia about 1885 or 1886 but divorced in late 1901. George remarried to woman who may have been surnamed Matson around 1904 or 1905. She and George had at least one daughter:

1371. Esther Goodwin (1908) --  -- 

George worked as a restaurant keeper in Modesto, Stanislaus County, California with his wife Julia, in 1900[Cen 1900, Vote 1900].

GOODWIN Restaurant, 31 Jan 1901 Then came 1901--a very tough year for the Goodwins. In the early Friday morning of July 5, 1901, tragedy stuck when a fire that started near their restaurant destroyed four buildings along 10th Street in Modesto. This came only five months after George advertised his new renovated restaurant and he had underwent electric bath treatment for nervous prostration! Fortunately, barely two weeks later George was able to reopen the restaurant in the Braun Building on 10th and H Streets:

Modesto "Daily Evening News,"
May 13, 1901

"George T. Goodwin went to San Francisco today to take electric bath treatment for nervous prostration."

Modesto "Daily Evening News," July 5, 1901
"A Big Fire"
"A Range of Frame Buildings Burned"
"Ten Business Houses Completely Wiped Out This Morning--A Heavy Loss"

"The long surcease from destructive fires in Modesto was broken this morning at 2 o'clock by the burning of the range of wooden buildings on Tenth street between D.& G.D. PLATOS's store and the Husband House. The business places of the Delta Confectionery (Irvin & Co. proprietors), C.A. Vogelman's saloon, G.H. Bertram's cigar factory and notion store, J.C. George's notion and clothing store, Steenbergen & Ellis' saloon, the Goodwin restaurant (G.T. Goodwin, proprietor), J.H. Corley's fruit stand, Joe Lopes' barbershop, James Johnson's insurance and real estate office, and P.H. Medley's stationery, notion and tea store were completely destroyed. The stocks in some of the places of business were partially saved in a damaged condition, but the loss upon all is heavy."

"The Delta and Vogelman's saloon were in a building owned by C.C. Crow, of Crow's Landing. The building owned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maze and L.J. Maddux was occupied by Steenbergen & Ellis, J.C. George and G.H. Bertram. The building of Charles D. Land was occupied by the Goodwin restaurant, Joe Lopes and J.H. Corley. The building owned by A. L. and Frank A. Cressey was occupied by James Johnson and P.H. Medley. The burned district covers a street frontage of 125 feet."

"The alarm of fire was sounded shortly after 2 o'clock in the morning and the fire department and many others were on hand promptly to assist in doing all that could be done. Fortunately no wind was blowing and the two-story brick buildings on each side of the range of wooden buildings withstood the heat and checked the spread of the flames beyond those limits."

"The fire started on the the rear and side of the Goodwin restaurant, but far enough away from the cooking range to preclude the possibility of that having started the fire and the cause is a mystery and may remain so, though some are inclined to the theory of incendiarism."

"The losses are as follows as closely as can be estimated:"
"...The Goodwin restaurant, loss between $800 and $1,000; no insurance. Tables and chairs to the value of $60 were saved...."

"The buildings destroyed were valued as follows:"
"...There was no insurance on the C.D. Lane building and is was worth about $1.000...."

"The total loss is about $15,000 and the insurance is $4,865. The low amount of insurance is due to the high rate charged in that section. The rate on the range of buildings destroyed was seven per cent."

GOODWIN Restaurant, 13 Jul 1901
Modesto "Daily Evening News,"
July 22, 1901
"Brief Local News"
"Minor Events of The Day In And About Modesto"

"...The Goodwin restaurant it now open for business and the best of meals and service will be given..."

"...The Goodwin restaurant is established in the Braun building and good meals and good service are guaranteed..."

"...Go to the Goodwin resaurant, in the Braun building, corner of Tenth and H streets, for a good meal at reasonable prices..."

Having recovered from one tragedy, the Goodwins befell more misfortune and Julia filed for divorce from George, citing "extreme cruelty".

Modesto "Daily Evening News,"
December 12, 1901
"Granted a Divorce"

"In the Superior court this morning Mrs. Julia Goodwin was granted a decree of divorce from George T. Goodwin upon the grounds of extreme cruelty. The defendant made no appearance against his wife and the divorce was granted by default. The parties formely conducted the Goodwin restaurant in this city. L.J. Maddux was attorney for plaintiff."

Modesto "Daily Evening News,"
November 29, 1901
"Seeks a Divorce"

"Mrs. Julia Goodwin has commenced action against George T. Goodwin for a divorce. The complaint is under lock end key. L.J. Maddux is attorney for the plaintiff. Tbe couple formerly conducted the Goodwin restaurant, in this city."

GOODWIN Restaurant, 6 Jan 1903 George reopened his restaurant again by October 1902, but in 1904 (about the time that George remarried), George was noted in Jacksonville, Tuolumne County[Vote 1904], then in Jamestown East[Vote 1906]. In 1910 he was enumerated twice as a boarding house cook in Township 5 (probably the town of Tuolumne) in Tuolumne County. In both he was noted as having been married twice, and in one his second marriage was recorded as having lasted five years[Cen 1910B]. Voter registrations then and thereafter show that George lived in the areas of Carter's South and Tuolumne East in Tuolumne[Vote 1910-1918].

Esther Goodwin
In 1910 there is an Esther Goodwin, age 1, in Soulsbyville Precinct, Tuolumne County, California, living with cousins Richard D. Munn, Lulu (Albers) Munn, and Eva and Henry Albers.[Cen 1910A] Furthermore, an Ester S. Goodwin was born in Tuolumne County in 1908 to a mother whose maiden name was Matson. She might therefore be the child of George's second marriage. If so, then George's marriage to Matson was likely in 1904 or 1905.[Cen 1910B]

George Goodwin died at the age of 58 on March 15, 1920, in Tuolumne, Tuolumne County.

"Mariposa Gazette," March 27, 1920
"Former Coulterville Man Dies In Tuolumne"

"George Goodwin, for many years a resident of Coulterville, Mariposa county, died at his home in Tuolumne Monday of last week. He had been suffering for many months from dropsy."

"Mr. Goodwin was born at Coulterville and was about 58 years of age. Besides a wife and three children, he leaves a sister, Mrs. James Goss <sic> of Jamestown, and a brother, James Goodwin of Modesto."

"The funeral was held in Tuolumne Wednesday, internment being in the Carter's Cemetery."

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James (Norman) William GOODWIN (1864-1935)Top

138. James (Norman) William Goodwin was born in October 1864 in Coulterville, Mariposa County, California. He married Florence Stephenson about 1892 and had two daughters:

1381. Shirley M. Goodwin 11 Jun 1892 Dec 1979 (87)
1382. Zera Goodwin (1894) --  -- 

In 1900, James worked as a miner about 100 miles north at Foster Bar in the foothills of Yuba County while his wife lived with her parents in Stockton.[Cen 1900]

The Goodwin lived at 317 Buchanan Steet in Coalinga, Fresno County, California by 1910.[Cen 1910]

Florence (Stephenson) Goodwin died in the 1910s. She was likely in her 40s.[Cen 1920]

After Florence's death, James' daughter Shirley continued to live at home with him at 1136 North Ophir in Stockton through at least 1920.[Cen 1920] He remarried by 1930 to a woman named Modest and they continued to live at the same residence in Stockton[Cen 1930]

James Goodwin died in 1935 in Modesto, Stanislaus County, California.

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John Maurice GOODWIN, Jr. (~1848-1901)Top

141. John Maurice Goodwin, Jr. was born May 1, 1848/1849, in Kilbirnie, Scotland. He emigrated as a child with his father John Sr., first to Pennsylvania and later to California and Arizona. He married Margaret M. (Bürkbüchler) Bigler, a 19-year old native of Apple Creek, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, on June 22, 1873, in Bear Valley, Mariposa County and had at least seven children:

1411. John M. Goodwin, III 21 Oct 1874 28 Dec 1926 (52)
1412. Walter Thomas Goodwin, Sr. 28 Apr 1876 20 Apr 1939 (62)
1413. Charles E. Goodwin 8 Nov 1877 21 Nov 1882 (5)
1414. Joseph Bodie Goodwin 10 Oct 1880 30 Jun 1946 (65)
1415. Robert Royal Goodwin 7 Jul 1884 15 Feb 1951 (66)
1416. Margaret Goodwin 22 Jun 1888 2 Sep 1888 (2 mos.)
1417. Goodwin twin 22 Jun 1888 22 Jun 1888 (0)
Bigler Family
Margaret M. (BIGLER) GOODWIN Margaret Bigler was the daughter of Hessen immigrants Joseph Bürkbüchler/Bigler and Margaret Kestor/Castor. Margaret was the second of three children. She and her older sister, Elizabeth Maria Bigler were born in Apple Creek, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The family left Missouri in 1854 and settled in Bear Valley, Mariposa County, California. Margaret's mother is claimed to have been the first white woman to live in Bear Valley. Their younger brother, Henry Joseph, was born there on April 10, 1858, a few months after their father's death by gun shot in late 1857. Margaret's mother remarried to Maurice Newman by 1860 and had two more children, Emily Anna and Maurice Emil Newman.

The first three children were born in Bear Valley. By 1880 John likely followed his father east over the Sierra Nevada mountains to Bodie in Mono County. His family stayed behind in Bear Valley.[Cen 1880] About 1880 they followed John's father and brother south into Arizona to the copper and silver mining region of the Upper Verde valley of Yavapai County, Arizona, where son Joseph is believed to have been born at Peck Mine. There John served as a judge.

In the second half of the 1880s the Goodwins moved back to California and settled for a time in Calico, outside of Barstow in San Bernardino County, where the twins were born. In 1892 John was elected as County Recorder for San Bernardino County.

After John's father died, he inherited his father's estate in the Upper Verde valley in Yavapai County, Arizona, on October 14, 1896, and lived there until at least 1900[Cen 1900]. John later sold the estate and moved to Kingman, Mohave County, Arizona, by 1901.

John Maurice Goodwin, Jr. died on July 30, 1901, in Kingman at the age of 53.

"Mariposa Gazette," August 24, 1901
"Died in Arizona"

"On July 30th 1901, John Goodwin, a native of Kilbirnie, Scotland, aged 52 years, died at Kingman, Arizona. The deceased came to this country with his parents when but a small boy, locating in Coulterville, this county, where the deceased grew to manhood."

"On July 22, 1873, he married to Margaret Bigler of Bear Valley, a half sister of Tax-Collector Newman, to them four sons were born all of whom, with their mother, are left to mourn the loss of a devoted husband and father."

"For a number of years the deceased with his family lived in Arizona, they later moved back to California locating at Calico. Mr. Goodwin was elected County Recorder of San Bernardino in 1892. His early demise was not altogether unlooked for as he has been an invalid for several years, being troubled with abscesses on the liver, yet his death was a shock to his family and friends."

"As we remember the deceased he was a whole souled, good natured man who had hosts of friends wherever he went, all of whom will regret sincerely his untimely end."

Margaret lived on another 27 years after John's death. By 1920 she was living with her widowed mother and half-sister Emily Newman in San Francisco at 333 7th Avenue, a block away from son Robert and his family who resided at 496 8th Avenue.[Cen 1920]

Margaret M. (Bigler) Goodwin died in Oakland, Alameda County, California, on November 8, 1928. She was 74 years old and was buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Mariposa, Mariposa County, California, along with her parents.

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Thomas GOODWIN (~1850-)Top

142. Thomas Goodwin was born about 1850 in Scotland. At the age of 20 he was working at mill in Township 2, Mariposa County, California, and living with a James PITTILER[Cen 1870]. By 1880 he moved to Yavapai County, Arizona, with his father, where they worked as stockraisers[Cen 1880].

  • Cen 1870: 13 Jul 1870 Census, Township 2, Mariposa County, California
  • Cen 1880: 1 Jun 1880 Census, Yavapai County, Arizona


143. Frank Goodwin was possibly another son of John Goodwin, Sr. He married Mary Wingfield on April 10, 1879, in Arizona. Both were living in Verde Valley, presumably in Yavapai County.