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FISHER Family History Part II

January 2016

George W. FISHER (1837-1902)Top

1A1. George W. Fisher was born on February 16, 1837, in Hancock County, Indiana. He married Jincy Jane Robertson on August 25, 1858, in Nehama County, Kansas, and had at least 12 children:

1A1A. Henry Hunter Fisher 14 Sep 1859 3 Oct 1859 (3 weeks)
1A1B. William Martin Fisher 22 Oct 1860 21 Oct 1863 (3)
1A1C. Charles Monroe Fisher 6 Jan 1863 27 Nov 1892 (29)
1A1D. Francis Marion Fisher 14 Apr 1865 3 May 1865 (2 weeks)
1A1E. Leonard Edward Fisher 2 May 1866 10 Dec 1940 (74)
1A1F. Mary Ellen Fisher 16 Dec 1868 3 Oct 1932 (63)
1A1G. James Franklin Fisher 5 Nov 1871 22 Nov 1950 (79)
1A1H. William Walker Fisher 16 Oct 1873 25 Jul 1930 (56)
1A1I. Padorie Elizabeth Fisher 13 Jun 1875 17 Aug 1948 (73)
1A1J. Eliza "Lydia" J. Fisher 21 Dec 1878 9 Apr 1906 (27)
1A1K. Sarah "Sadie" Fisher 21 Dec 1878 29 Nov 1934 (55)
1A1L. Elmer E. Fisher 30 Mar 1890 30 Mar 1890 (0)
Mary Ellen (Fisher) Osbourne's (1A1F) great-grandson, Marvin Persinger, provided a wealth of information on the Kansas branch of the Fisher family.

The Fishers started their family in Seneca, Nemaha County, where they stayed through at least 1875. They then moved northeast into Missouri, settling in Union Township, just west of Grant City, Worth County, by 1878.[Cen 1880]

By the turn of the century, the Fishers returned to Seneca, Nemaha County, Kansas.

George W. Fisher died on May 4, 1902 in Seneca at the age of 65. He is buried at the Seneca City Cemetery.

Jincy Jane (Robertson) Fisher died ten years later on April 21, 1912 in Seneca. She is also buried at the Seneca City Cemetery.

  • Cen 1880: 14 Jun 1880 Census, Union Township, Worth County, Missouri

Sarah (FISHER) HYATT (1838-~1859)Top

1A2. Sarah Fisher was born in 1838 in Illinois, possibly Madison County. She is believed to have married a Hyatt and have one daughter by him in 1859. She probably died that same year leaving her daughter to be raised by her father, Samuel Martin Fisher:

1A21. Rhuphema Hyatt (1859) --  -- 

James T. FISHER (1846-1871)Top

1A3. James T. Fisher was born on August 22, 1846, in Illinois, possibly Madison County, along with his twin sister, Nancy Ellen. He died at the age of 25 on November 9, 1871, in Republic County, Kansas.

Nancy Ellen (FISHER) REED (1846-)Top

1A4. Nancy Ellen Fisher was born on August 22, 1846, in Illinois, possibly in Madison County, along with her twin brother, James T. She married James H. Reed and died sometime after 1880 in Nehama County, Kansas.

John H. FISHER (1847-1859)Top

1A5. John H. Fisher was born in 1847 in Illinois, possibly in Madison County. He died two years later in September 1849 or more likely 12 years later in September 1859 in Nehama County, Kansas.

Died in 1849 or 1859?
In 1849 the family was living in either Illinois or Louisa County, Iowa. They did not move to Nehama County, Kansas, until after 1852.

William H. FISHER (1852->1910)Top

1A6. William H. Fisher was born in 1852 in Iowa, possibly in Louisa County. He married Sarah in 1878 at died sometime after 1910.

1A61. Charles E. Fisher (1883) --  -- 
1A62. Lester Fisher (1890) --  -- 
1A63. Iris Fisher (1892) --  -- 
1A64. Harry Fisher (1894) --  -- 

John Jackson FISHER3 (1843-1906)Blue StarTop

1CA. John Jackson Fisher3 was born on January 6, 1843, in Illinois, possibly in Madison County. He was likely named for his paternal uncle, John J. Fisher. As a young boy, John and his family moved west across the Mississippi River into Iowa by 1850 and eventually settled in Wapello County. There he met and married Harriet J. Chapman on July 27, 1862, in Wapello County, in the second year of the Civil War. A year later John enlisted in the cavalry. They were said to have had a son during the war who died around the age of 2. During the war the Fishers moved west to southeastern and central Nebraska Territory. They had six children, only four of whom survived to adulthood:[Cen 1900]

1CA1. Fisher (1863) (1865) (2)
1CA2. Orville Howard Fisher Nov 1866 1928 (61)
1CA3. Minnie A. Fisher Aug 1869 (1903-1904) (33-35)
1CA4. David A. Fisher Mar 1871 --  -- 
1CA5. Theodoric Leathe Fisher4 23 Mar 1877 25 Jan 1911 (43)
Contemporary Events
  • 1841-1845: Pres. John Tyler (Whig)
  • 1843: Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
  • 1843: Great Migration on the Oregon Trail
  • 1845-1849: Pres. James K. Polk (Dem)
  • 1846-1848: Mexican-American War
  • 1846: Iowa admitted as 29th state
  • 1848: Sutter discovers California gold
  • 1849: California Gold Rush
  • 1849-1850: Pres. Zachary Taylor (Whig)
  • 1850-1853: Pres. Millard Fillmore (Whig)
  • 1850: California admitted as 31st state
  • 1851-1900: Apache Wars, Geronimo
  • 1853-1857: Pres. Franklin Pierce (Dem)
  • 1857-1861: Pres. James Buchanan (Dem)
  • 1859: Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species
  • 1861: Kansas admitted as 34th state
  • 1861-1865: Pres. Abraham Lincoln (Rep)
  • 1861-1865: American Civil War
  • 1862: Homestead Act
  • 1865: Pres. Lincoln assassinated
  • 1865-1869: Pres. Andrew Johnson (Dem)
  • 1867: Nebraska admitted as 37th state
  • 1867-1878: Tchaikovsky
  • 1868: Susan B. Anthony's The Revolution
  • 1869-1877: Pres. Ulysses S. Grant (Rep)
  • 1869: Transcontinental Railroad
  • 1870: 15th Amendment prohibits denying of voting based on race or color
  • 1876: Bell's first telephone call
  • 1876: Custer's Battle of Little Big Horn
  • 1877-1881: Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes (Rep)
  • 1881: Pres. James A. Garfield (Rep)
  • 1881-1885: Pres. Chester A. Arthur (Rep)
  • 1885-1889: Pres. Grover Cleveland1 (Dem)
  • 1889-1893: Pres. Benjamin Harrison (Rep)
  • 1885-1889: Pres. Grover Cleveland2 (Dem)
  • 1897-1905: Pres. William McKinley (Rep)
  • 1898: Spanish-American War
  • 1903: Wright Brothers' first flight
  • 1905-1909: Pres. Theodore Roosevelt (Rep)
  • 1906: San Francisco earthquake

Family tradition holds that John went off to war leaving behind his pregnant wife, Harriet. With the aid of an Indian squaw, Harriet gave birth to a son, but the son died after about two years, prior to John's return from the war. If this happened, it was likely that it was while the family was in Nebraska, however, John did not serve more than 10 consecutive months.

Thanks to Sanrdra Haffey, Okeene, Oklahoma, for providing copies of John's complete pension records.

Civil War

John's father-in-law enlisted in the Union Infantry a month after John and Harriet wed. Seven months later, John enlisted in Ashland, at the age of 20, on May 12, 1863, and was assigned to Company E of the 7th Iowa Cavalry Regiment, under Colonel Samuel W. Summers, at Camp Hendershott, Davenport, Iowa. He was described as 6' 3" tall, light complexion, dark hair, and blue eyes.[Pens]

7th Iowa Cavalry Regiment

The 7th Iowa Cavalry Regiment was formed in November 1862 in Davenport, Iowa, and eight companies were formed by July 1863. The regiment then crossed Iowa, established its headquarters at Omaha, Nebraska, and distributed the eight regiments up the Missouri River and along the Platte River and Oregon Trail where they patrolled the Plains, built forts, set up telegraph lines, and escorted mail and wagon trains to prevent the Indians from taking advantage of the turmoil in the South.

Accounts of the 7th Iowa Cavalry offer very little detail about Company E.

In June he took ill with the mumps and after several weeks at the regimental hospital and a worsening condition, in which the mumps "settled in his privates," he returned home to recuperate on July 23, absent without leave and later declared as deserted.[Pens] The following September, the company crossed Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska, from where the company patrolled the western territories between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains, most prevalently along the Platte River in Nebraska Territory.

John returned to the company 14 months later on October 13, 1864. In January and February of 1865, John was dispatched to the field for service, perhaps in response to the January 7 Plains Indians attack on Julesburg, Colorado Territory, the biggest conflict that the regiment (specifically Company F) had engaged in. It was during this time that a fellow soldier recalled that the company was crossing the frozen Platte River and a wagon broke through the ice. Captain George P. Norris ordered the men into the icy water to retrieve the supplies. John balked for fear that the icy water would exacerbate his medical condition, in particular his "privates" and was relieved of duty.[Pens]

John saw field service again in May and June. As the war wound to a close and the regiment was left to "lazing in camp [with] nothing to do," John left camp without leave on August 29, 1865, to tend to his family and was dishonorably discharged for desertion.[Pens]

After the War

Move from Iowa to Nebraska
It is unclear when John and Harriet moved west to Nebraska. John's parents and siblings are believed to have migrated as early as 1862, but John's enlistment in 1863 in Ashland shows that he stayed behind. Son Orville was born in Nebraska in 1866, so that narrows the range between 1863-1866.

Either during the war or soon thereafter, the Fishers moved to southeast Nebraska Territory, in the heart of Pawnee territory, and settled in Big Sandy (also known as Meridian), Hobbs Precinct in Jefferson County (now in Thayer County). Big Sandy Crossing was an important watering place on the Oregon Trail where it gave way to a flat region between Big Sandy Creek and the Little Blue River. John's father had settled here by 1862 and homesteaded in the center of Section 9, Township 2 North, Range 2 West. John homesteaded in the northeast part of the same section and received a patent on October 15, 1873 (#1372).

After the war, John continued to suffer from complications of his illness with the mumps and rheumatism and was bedridden for a year from August 1866 to August 1867, according to his younger brother Sylvester.[Pens]

The Fisher family was still noted at Big Sandy during the 1870 census. After John's father died in 1871 at nearby Hebron, the family moved north to Sherman County in central Nebraska and lived in Loup City, Sherman County, around 1874 and 1875. There John suffered a long-term confinement to bed as a result of his rheumatism and after-effects of the mumps. Dr. John L. Goff, of Litchfield, Sherman County, began treating John in 1879 and noted that rheumatism of his neck, shoulder, and joints of his arms and legs was severe to the point that he was "disabled to the extend of the loss of an arm."[Pens] The Fishers were enumerated in Clear Creek Precinct in Sherman County in 1880.[Cen 1880]

Frequently assaulted with illness, John returned to Wapello County, Iowa, in June 1887 to seek witnesses to testify on his behalf in seeking an invalid pension claim, citing partial incapacitation from "rheumatism, dyspepsia [indigestion], affection of the lungs and eyes, and catarrh of the head [inflammation of the mucous membranes]." He and his pension agent, George W. Sommerville, obtained affidavits from Captain George P. Norris, Chris Meyers, John C. McDonald, and John J. Frazer, in southeastern Iowa. John was subsequently ordered to undergo a medical examination in September in Grand Island, but missed the scheduled examination and his case was closed as "abandoned."[Pens]

John filed again in January 1888, citing that his examination date had not been received, and gained a second order to appear in Grand Island for an examination. The examiner described John as 6' 4" tall and 170 pounds, and verified John's enlarged spermatic cord and affliction of the testes, but noted that he was generally in fair health for the age of 45 and his "hands show use in manual labor." He was recommened for a disability rating of 4/18 for the mumps and its effects, but still witnesses to attest to the fact that his disability stemmed from military service. He further obtained affidavits from Captain George P. Norris, John J. Frazer, John McDonnald, and Cyrus E. Rosseter, in lieu of regimental doctors, Dr. James W. LaForce and Dr. Andrew J. Willey, whom he was unable to contact. He further noted that his family physician, Dr. C. F. Dildinr died two years previous.[Pens]

John's claim was rejected because of his desertion, so John filed to have his charge of desertion removed. This was further rejected in October 1888, and again in June 1889 on review. He appealed in January 1890, citing "that a dishonorable discharge is a penalty...for which a soldier may be punished, but that the penalty cannot include or relate to claim for a pension based upon disability."[Pens]

During this time John appears to have moved south across the Sherman County line to Mahila, Buffalo County,[Pens] which was in Loup Township, about 12 miles west of Ravenna.

President Harrison signed the Dependent and Disability Pension Act into law on June 27, 1890, which provided pensions to Union Army veterans who had served 90 days and who were unable to perform manual labor, whether or not the cause of their disability was related to their service. John immediately filed a claim a week later but the claim was dismissed. In August he filed a physician's affidavit from Dr. John L. Goff, of Litchfield, and was granted a second medical examination in Kearney, Buffalo County, on December 17. John, age 47, 6" 3" tall, and 185 pounds, was evaluated to be entitled to 6/18 rating for rheumatism and heart ailments, 4/18 for dyspepsia, 4/18 for lung ailments, and 4/18 for catarrh of the head and eye ailments; however, further requests with affidavits failed in December 1891.[Pens]


The Fisher family moved west to California around 1894, likely with John's younger cousins, George and Lewis Fisher. They settled in Forestville, Sonoma County, by 1896.[Dth 1906] John's voter registration on August 9, 1898, listed him as a blacksmith and described him as standing 6' 3½" tall with a dark complexion, grey eyes, and light hair.

Come 1900, John, Harriet, son Theodoric, and daughter-in-law Cora moved briefly to Stillwater, Churchill County, Nevada, east of Reno. There John continued to work as a blacksmith and Theodoric worked as a farm laborer for the John W. & Hannah Freeman family.[Cen 1900] It is not known how long John and Harriet stayed there, but Theodoric and Cora had moved back to California by the following January.

John apparently tried to revive his disability pension case in 1904 with an inquiry from Congressman Theodore A. Bell but failed for the last time.[Pens]

McPeak Cemetery

The McPeak Cemetery is located on the first right off River Road, westbound, just past the Hacienda bridge. Westside Road runs to the right, back eastward along the Russian River. The cemetery is about 50 yards up the road and lies off to the left of Westside, just out of view, between Oak Avenue and Rio Vista.

Unfortunately, their graves are not locatable at this old, dilapidated cemetery.

John Jackson Fisher died on May 8, 1906, in Forestville, at the age of 63. He died from paralysis and suffered from hardening of the arteries. He was buried two days later at McPeak Cemetery in Forestville.[Dth 1906]

Harriet J. (Chapman) Fisherwent on to remarry to Ira T. Williams two years later in 1910. Ira died in 1916 and Harriet lived another 20 years among her relatives until she passed away in 1936.

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  • Pens: Civil War Pension File 613748, original claim 16 Jun 1887
  • Cen 1900: 14-16 Jun 1900 Census, Stillwater, Stillwater Precinct, Churchill County, Nevada
  • Dth 1906: Death Record #6-015703, Forestville, Sonoma County, California, filed 4 Jun 1906

Mary C. FISHER (1845-<1871)Top

1CB. Mary C. Fisher was born on March 29, 1845, probably in Illinois or Indiana. She likely died before her father's death in 1871 as she is not listed among the heirs to his estate.

Isaac FISHER (1847-1867)Top

1CC. Isaac Fisher was born May 10, 1847, in Indiana. He was killed by Indians, probably in the attacks on Thayer County, Nebraska in the summer of 1867 which drove the surviving Fishers to Missouri for two years.

Little Big Horn?
One story links Isaac's death with the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana on June 25, 1876. If true, Isaac would therefore have served in the Seventh United States Cavalry under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and have been killed by Sioux and Northern Cheyenne forces. This later accounting is improbable as Isaac likely died before his father's death in 1871 as he is not listed among the heirs to his estate.
  • Cen 1856: 1856 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1860: 8 Jun 1860 Census, Batavia Post Office, Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, Iowa

Sylvester FISHER (1849-1889)Top

1CD. Sylvester Fisher was born November 12, 1849, along with his twin sister Sarah M. They were born in either Indiana or more likely Madison County, Illinois. He married Mary Jane Sweeney on September 25, 1873, in Bloomington, Franklin County, Nebraska. They had five children born in Nebraska:

1CD1. Ida B. Fisher Oct 1874 (1936-1939) (61-65)
1CD2. Charles Sylvester Fisher 11 May 1876 24 Jul 1949 (73)
1CD3. Myrtle M. Fisher Apr 1882 1917 (34)
1CD4. Sophia S. Fisher Feb 1887 5 Apr 1929 (42)
1CD5. John F. Fisher Dec 1887 1889 (1)

Following Sylvester's father's death in 1871, Sylvester and his family, his mother and three youngest brothers, and his eldest brother John and his family, resettled in Clear Creek Precinct, Sherman County, Nebraska by the time of the 1880 census.

Sylvester Fisher died on January 11, 1889, in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska, at the age of 39.

Mary Jane (Sweeney) Fisher died 31 years later on December 19, 1920, in Nebraska. She was 68 years old.

  • Cen 1856: 1856 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1860: 8 Jun 1860 Census, Batavia Post Office, Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, Iowa
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  • Cen 1880: 12 Jun 1880 Census, Clear Creek Precinct, Sherman County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1885: 1885 Nebraska State Census, Clear Creek Precinct, Sherman County, Nebraska

Sarah M. (FISHER) WICKS (1849-)Top

1CE. Sarah M. Fisher was born November 12, 1849, along with her twin brother Sylvester. They were born in either Indiana or more likely Madison County, Illinois. In 1870 she was working as a domestic servant for the Joseph Tenesh family in Big Sandy, Hobbs Precinct, Nebraska.

  • Cen 1856: 1856 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1860: 8 Jun 1860 Census, Batavia Post Office, Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, Iowa
  • Cen 1870: 9 Jun 1870 Census, Big Sandy Precinct, Big Sandy. Jefferson County, Nebraska

Ellen C. (FISHER) POUND (1852-1899)Top

1CF. Ellen C. Fisher was born June 2, 1852, in Wapello County, Iowa. She married Clement W. Pound, reportedly on May 5, 1872, in Thayer County, Nebraska. They had as many as seven children:

1CF1. Florence Pound (1874-1875) --  -- 
1CF2. Ernest Pound (1876-1877) --  -- 
1CF3. Bertha A(manda) Pound Feb 1879 (> 1940) (> 61)
1CF4. Daisy (K.) Pound (Aug) 1882 --  -- 
1CF5. Ira Sylvester Pound 8 Feb 1885 1932 (46)
1CF6. Harvey H. Pound Nov 1887 --  -- 
1CF7. Gertrude I. Pound 22 Jul 1891 9 Oct 1963 (72)

Prior to their marriage, Clement worked on the Richard Ellison farm in Hobbs Precinct, Jefferson County (later Thayer County), which was enumerated following the households of Ellen's parents, brother, and cousins. Ellen, who was 18 years old at the time, has not been found in the 1870 census.[Cen 1870]

After their marriage, the Pound family is first found in Dorchester Precinct, Saline County, Nebraska, about 59 miles northwest of Hebron, Thayer County, by 1880. Clement worked as a farmer.[Cen 1880]

The family later moved back to Thayer County, and settled in Chester Precinct, about 13 miles south of Hebron, by 1885[Cen 1885]; however, by that time Ellen's brothers and widowed mother had moved to Sherman County some 150 miles to the northwest.

Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
The moves to the tri-state area of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma may have shadowed those of Ellen's uncle Samuel Martin Fisher who died in 1892 in Benton County, Arkansas, roughly 80 miles to the northwest of Boston Township. He was buried in Southwest City, in the southwest corner of Missouri near the Oklahoma and Arkansas state lines.

The Pounds moved from Nebraska to western Missouri between 1887 and 1891, where youngest daughter Gertrude was born[Cen 1900], reportedly in Lone Tree, Cass County.[Grave]

Ellen C. (Fisher) Pound died on January 12, 1899, at the age of 46 years old. She is bured at Fairview Cemetery, about 3 miles west of Melrose, Cherokee County, Kansas[Grave]

After Ellen

In 1900, Clement and the three younger children (ages 8 to 12) were living on a farm in Boston Township, Madison County, Arkansas, about 160 miles southeast of where Ellen was buried. None of the children were recorded to have been attending school.[Cen 1900]

Clement moved about 130 miles north to Joplin Township, Jasper County, Missouri, by 1910. There he lived with his son Ira, widowed daughter Daisy Roberts, and her children Mandy and John Roberts. Clement worked odd jobs as a teamster and Ira worked as a miner groundman. They were recorded along the "east side of [South] Range Line Road going south."[Cen 1910]

Come 1920, Clement and grandson John Roberts moved in with daughter Gertrude Tweedy and her family on Group Road in Joplin Township. There Gertrude's husband worked as a gigman at a zinc mine. John Roberts, then 15 years old, was not yet employed.[Cen 1920]

Clement, John, and the Tweedy family moved about 23 miles southwest of Joplin Township to Quapaw Township, Ottawa County, in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, around 1921. There Gertrude's husband and nephew John Roberts worked as zinc miners.[Cen 1930]

Clement W. Pound reportedly died on February 20, 1932, in Douthat, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He was 85 years old. Clement is buried with Ellen at Fairview Cemetery.[Grave]

  • Cen 1856: 1856 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Nebraska
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  • Cen 1930: 21 Apr 1930 Census, Quapaw Township, Ottawa County, Oklahoma
  • Grave: Fairview Cemetery, Melrose, Cherokee County, Kansas, Find A Grave <>

David W. FISHER (1855-<1871)Top

1CG. David W. Fisher was born either around 1854 or 1855, probably in Wapello County, Iowa (or Indiana). He likely died before his father's death in 1871 as he is not listed among the heirs to his estate.

  • Cen 1856: 1856 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Nebraska

Frederick P. FISHER (1857-<1871)Top

1CH. Frederick P. Fisher was born January 22, 1857, probably in Wapello County, Iowa (or Indiana). He likely died before his father's death in 1871 as he is not listed among the heirs to his estate.

Theodore William FISHER (1858-1925)Top

1CI. Theodore William Fisher was born June 20, 1859, in Wapello County, Iowa. He married Nancy Jane Brewer on January 16, 1879, in Sherman County, Nebraska. They had eight children:

1CI1. Loman W. Fisher Nov 1879 (1900-1910) (20s)
1CI2. Winnie Fisher --  <1900 (Infancy)
1CI3. Earnest "Pat" W. Fisher Jun 1884 20 Jan 1932 (47)
1CI4. Eva May Fisher 8 Jul 1886 Apr 1927 (40)
1CI5. Virginia Ann Fisher 8 Aug 1890 13 Feb 1967 (76)
1CI6. Ola "Oley" Arthur Fisher 8 Mar 1892 4 Apr 1938 (46)
1CI7 King Fisher 6 Jul 1894 14 Oct 1918 (24)
1CI8. Ethel Fisher 24 Aug 1901 2 Apr 1919 (17)
Brewer-Fisher Families
Four years after Theodore and Nancy wed, Theodore's younger brother Samuel and Nancy's younger sister Kittie married. Nancy and Kittie are daughters of William and Mary Brewer who settled in Sherman County, Nebraska, around 1879.

The Fishers started their family in Nebraska, but moved back east near Winterset in Crawford Township, Madison County, Iowa, in the early 1890s[Cen 1895] and over the following several years reportedly lived in Sioux City, Woodbury County, along the Missouri River, and to the southeast in Griswold, Cass County, Iowa, east of Omaha, Nebraska.

Sometime in the late 1890s, the Fishers returned to Nebraska and finally settled near Ainsworth, Brown County, in the Sand Hills of north-central Nebraska. Theodore lived out the rest of his life there.

One of the children, perhaps Loman, died between 1900 and 1910, as Nancy was noted to have six of her eight children surviving in 1910.[Cen 1910] During the following decade they lost both King and Ethel, followed by Theodore's passing.

Theodore William Fisher died on November 22, 1925, in Ainsworth, Brown County, Nebrasaka, at the age of 66 years. He is buried at Ainsworth Cemetery.

Only 15 months after Theodore passed, his daughter Eva May died, leaving only three of their eight children.

Nancy lived with her son Earnest in Ainsworth after Theodore died.[Cen 1930]

Nancy Jane (Brewer) Fisher died on September 19, 1930, in Ekalaka, Carter County, Montana, where her son Oley had moved in 1928. She was 69 years old. Nancy was buried in Ekalaka on September 24.

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  • Cen 1910: Apr 1910 Census, Lakeland Precinct, Brown County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1920: 10 Feb 1920 Census, Lakeland Precinct, Brown County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1930: 22 Apr 1930 Census, Ainsworth City, Brown County, Nebraska

Samuel M. FISHER (1861-<1897)Top

1CJ. Samuel M. Fisher was born August 5, 1861, in Iowa, probably in Des Moines Township, Jefferson County. Soon after his birth the family moved to Nebraska. He married Keturah "Kittie" A. Brewer on November 19, 1883, in Loup City, Sherman County, Nebraska. Keturah was the younger sister of Samuel's elder brother Theodore's wife. Samuel and Keturah had at least one son:

1CJ1. Clarence Fisher 29 Oct 1884 4 Feb 1957 (72)

Samuel M. Fisher appears to have died sometime between 1885[Cen 1885] and 1897[Cen 1900] in his twenties or early thirties.

Keturah remarried to Jergen Benjamin Clausen around 1897 in Sherman County and afterward moved west to Winburn Precinct (apparently near Erie), Weld County, Colorado, to the north of Denver, by 1900. Keturah's brother, John F. Brewer and his family lived nearby.[Cen 1900]

Later the Clausens returned to Sherman County, Nebraska, and settled in Hazard by 1910. There Jergen worked as a mail carrier and a farm laborer.[Cen 1910, 1920]

Keturah A. (Brewer Fisher) Clausen died in the 1920s.[Cen 1930] She was in her late 50s or early 60s.

Jergen stayed on in Hazard and ran a lunchroom there.[Cen 1930]

  • Cen 1870: 28 Jun 1870 Census, Hobbs Precinct, Big Sandy. Jefferson County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1880: 8 Jun 1880 Census, Clear Creek Precinct, Sherman County, Nebraska
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Ira H. FISHER (1863-1938)Top

1CK. Ira H. Fisher was born on April 1, 1863, in Hebron, Thayer County, Nebraska. He married Harriet Matilda Clark of Griswold, Cass County, Iowa, on February 10, 1889, in Hazard, Sherman County, Nebraska. He and Harriet had nine children:

1CK1. Byron Ted Fisher 23 Jan 1888 19 Feb 1952 (64)
1CK2. Etta L. Fisher 29 Mar 1890 17 Sep 1965 (75)
1CK3. Harry Fisher 12 Jan 1896 26 Jul 1964 (68)
1CK4. Bill Fisher 22 Mar 1898 22 Mar 1898 (0)
1CK5. Andrew Pete Fisher 24 May 1900 21 Nov 1979 (79)
1CK6. Thomas Jefferson Fisher 30 Apr 1904 --  -- 
1CK7. Claude Allen Fisher 3 Mar 1906 24 Nov 1984 (78)
1CK8. Edna Cecil Fisher 13 Jul 1908 17 Dec 1968 (60)
1CK9. Elva Frances Fisher 4 Sep 1911 9 Sep 1973 (62)
"Black Leg"
A variation of the story notes two rifles being passed down to Ira and his youngest brother Robert. The story notes that Ira inherited one rifle but that Robert had received "Black Leg." "Black Leg" later found its way to the North Platte courthouse after being found in Buffalo Bill's barn in North Platte.

Ira's father died when Ira was eight years old and inherited his father's muzzle-loading rifle that he called "Black Leg." His father had broken the stock when he slipped and fell on the frozen Little Blue River. His father patched the stock with a piece of brass. Ira bagged his first elk around the Loup and Dismal rivers using "Black Leg" and later put it on display at the North Platte courthouse.


Harriet Matilda (Clark) Fisher was born September 22, 1867, in Griswold, Cass County, Iowa. She was the daughter of Samuel Harrison and Susana (McCleary) Clark. After Harriet and Ira married in Hazard, they started their family there with four children. About 1899 they moved further west to Maxwell (Brady Island?), Lincoln County where Andrew Pete Fisher was born. Their sixth child, Thomas Jefferson Fisher was born in Brown County, northern Nebraska and the last three children were all born in Williard (Cox?), Lincoln County.

Ira H. Fisher died on November 3, 1938, at the age of 75 in North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska. He was buried November 5 at the Garfield Cemetery, Garfield, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

Harriet Matilda (Clark) Fisher lived until July 31, 1962, when she died in Lyman, Scottsbluff County, Nebraska. She was buried on August 4 in the Garfield Cemetery.

Robert A. FISHER (1865-)Top

1CL. Robert A. Fisher was born on December 9, 1865, in Thayer County, Nebraska.

George Thomas FISHER (1858-)Top

George T. FISHER 1G4. George Thomas Fisher was born April 30, 1858, in Pawnee County, Nebraska. He probably migrated to California along with his younger brother Lewis and cousin John Jackson Fisher. By 1898 he married Etta and had one daughter, born in San Francisco:

1G41. Doris Gladys Fisher 28 Apr 1898 11 Apr 1988 (89)

George left home in Missouri when he was only 15 years of age. He first went to Texas and then out west, possibly to Idaho and then to California.

George later married Mary Catherine Bayne and moved to Carson City, Ormsby County, Nevada. George died there in July 1940 at the age of 82.

His wife Mary died two years later. Both are buried at Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City.

Lewis Frederick FISHER (1864-1947)Top

1G6. Lewis Frederick Fisher was born January 6, 1864, in Nebraska. Lewis (also noted spelled as "Louis" on some documents) moved from Nebraska to California by 1896 as he married Rosa Belle Paschal, also a Nebraskan, on February 27, 1896, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California. They had six children:

1G61. Fred Franklin Fisher 5 May 1897 Apr 1965 (67)
1G62. Arthur Thomas Fisher 6 Feb 1900 --  -- 
1G63. Lawrence Sylvester Fisher 3 Mar 1903 Mar 1979 (76)
1G64. Florence Maybelle Fisher 13 Mar 1905 21 May 1988 (83)
1G65. John Wesley Fisher 22 Aug 1906 --  -- 
1G66. Ruby Viola Fisher 19 Nov 1907 May 1988 (80)

Lewis likely moved to California with his elder cousin, John Jackson Fisher3, about 1894.

Rosa Belle was the daughter of Isaiah Franklin Paschal, a native of Illinois, and Lucy Jane OLDS. She and Lewis were married by O. T. Baldwin, Justice of the Peace in Santa Rosa Township and Petaluma from 1884 to 1897.

Lewis registered to vote at the Mt. Olivet Post Office, on July 31, 1896, as a resident of Fulton in Sonoma County. At the time he was described as a 32-year old laborer from Nebraska, 6' 4" tall, medium complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. He was living in Fulton at the time. By 1904, Lewis was a Cloverdale resident and registered in Asti along with his cousin, Theodoric. Later, he lived in Mendocino Township, near the Mendocino County line north of Lake Sonoma at the end of Springs Road, in 1910, where he worked as a general farm laborer.[Cen 1910] By 1912, he was living in Skaggs Springs, still as a farmer. In this year he registered at the Cloverdale Post Office as a Democrat. Wife, Rosa, a housewife, also registered in this year as a Democrat.

The Fisher family moved to Lakeport, Lake County, California, by 1917.

Rosa Belle (Paschal) Fisher died on December 26, 1936, in Lakeport, Lake County, California. She was 61 years old.

Lewis Frederick Fisher died 11 years later on October 7, 1947, at the age of 83. They are both buried at the Hartley Cemetery in Lakeport.

  • Cen 1910: 11 May 1910 Census, Mendocino Township, Sonoma County, California
  • Cen 1920: 9 Jan 1920 Census, 11th Street, Lakeport, Lake County, California

Albert Ross FISHER (1855-1927)Top

1HA. Albert Ross Fisher was born March 18, 1855, in Marysville, Marshall County, Kansas or Iowa. He married Louisa Pernina Cain about 1873 in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska and had one daughter. He later married Mary Adeline Rezner of Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa, on June 26, 1884, in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa and fathered nine more children:

1HAA. Rose Mae Fisher 18 Nov 1874 --  -- 

1HAB. Grover Cleveland Fisher 27 May 1885 4 Oct 1958 (73)
1HAC. Clarence Sylvester Fisher 27 Jul 1887 24 May 1952 (64)
1HAD. Ida Maude Fisher 8 Nov 1888 Oct 1949 (60)
1HAE. Lucy Ellen Fisher 29 Oct 1890 --  -- 
1HAF. Ethel Hattie Fisher 1 Feb 1892 --  -- 
1HAG. Albert Lee Fisher, Sr. 21 Jun 1896 5 Feb 1970 (73)
1HAH. William Jennings Fisher 23 Feb 1899 6 Jul 1961 (62)
1HAI. Lois Jane Fisher 11 Feb 1902 9 Nov 1973 (71)
1HAJ. Estella Beatrice Fisher 11 May 1903 9 Mar 1971 (67)

After Albert married his second wife, Mary, they lived in Griswold, Cass County, along the East Nishnabotna River in Iowa. Later they moved to Kansas, living in Marysville and Herkimer, Marshall County, and later in Barnes, Washington County. By 1892, the family returned to southwestern Iowa, living in Indianola, Warren County, and then back to the East Nishnabotna River Valley in Elliot, Montgomery County, and Macedonia (Grove Township), Pottawattamie County in the West Nishnabotna River Valley.

By 1920 the Fishers moved to California where they were found in Dent, San Joaquin County during the 1920 census. He later moved south to Los Angeles, where he died seven years later.

Albert Ross Fisher died October 24, 1927 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California at the age of 72. He is buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.

Matilda Caroline (FISHER) GREGORY (1857-1915)Top

1HB. Matilda Caroline Fisher was born September 25, 1857, in Wapello County, Iowa. She died on December 2, 1915, at the age of 58.

William "Dick" Riley FISHER (1858-1953)Top

1HC. William "Dick" Riley Fisher was born November 4, 1858, in Marysville, Marshall County, Kansas. The following year his family moved north, just over the state line, to Pawnee Territory, Nebraska, and later over the Gage County line, a mile east of Liberty, Nebraska. William married Joan Warren, a native of Iowa, on October 24, 1882, in Pawnee City, back over the county line in Pawnee County.[Hobson] He was 23 years old and she 16. They had ten children together:

1HCA. Daisy Mae Fisher 14 May 1885 5 Feb 1971 (85)
1HCB. Fred "Freddie" Francis Fisher 13 Feb 1887 7 Mar 1973 (86)
1HCC. Ada Belle Fisher 31 Dec 1888 13 Feb 1983 (94)
1HCD. Nellie Rosetta Fisher 24 Apr 1891 9 Dec 1944 (53)
1HCE. Elsie Leona Fisher 10 Mar 1893 30 Apr 1980 (87)
1HCF. William Harrison Fisher 24 Apr 1895 30 Jan 1967 (71)
1HCG. Cora Ellen Fisher 14 Jul 1899 6 Jul 1912 (12)
1HCH. Clarence Everett Fisher 22 Apr 1901 16 May 1938 (37)
1HCI. Goldie Fisher 17 Jan 1907 24 Jan 1998 (91)
1HCJ. Elmer Pearl Fisher 11 Mar 1911 17 Sep 1970 (59)

The Fisher family farmed near Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska, until about 1886 when they went with five other families by covered wagon about 230 miles west to the Freedom area in Frontier County, Nebraska. There they homesteaded and built a sod house, where they lived through 1899 and the birth of daughter Cora. Son William Harrison is reported to have been born back in Gage County[Hobson], perhaps at William's parents place. Come 1900, the Fishers returned to the Gage and Pawnee County area where they were renting a farm in Plum Creek Precinct, Pawnee County, just a couple miles east of Liberty. The family was complete with their seven children at the time, ages 10 months to 15, and all attended school except for youngest daughter Cora and eldest son Freddie, who was working full time as a farm hand at the age of 13.[Cen 1900]

The family stayed in the Gage/Pawnee area through the birth of Clarence in 1901 and then returned west to Frontier County by the birth of Goldie in 1907.[Hobson] In 1910, the family was enumerated in Knowles Precinct, Frontier County, Nebraska. There William mortgaged a farm and worked it with son William Harrison, then age 15. Of the four children at the time, three of whom were school aged, only Clarence, age 9, attended school.[Cen 1910] William and Joan remained in Freedom (later identified as Stockville) through at least 1940.[Cen 1920-1940]

"The family enjoyed playing ball, pitching horse shoes, dancing, box suppers, and singing. Clarence and Elmer played the violin, guitar, and banjo. They played for Saturday night dances in the Freedom Grange Hall. They also played for dances in the sod house they lived in. Another thing they enjoyed were the good dinners Joan cooked."[Hobson]

As their children married they moved away from Freedom. Nellie and Clarence stayed in Nebraska but moved to Indianola and Cambridge, along the Republican River about 30 miles south of Freedom. Daisy moved to Colorado; Fred, Ada, Goldie, and Elmer all moved to Idaho; Elsie moved to Wyoming; and William Harrison moved to souther California.

In their later years, William and Joan moved to Meridian, Ada County, Idaho, where daughters Ada and Goldie lived.

Joan (Warren) Fisher died on June 22, 1953, in Meridian, Ada County, Idaho. She was 87 years old.

William Riley Fisher died six weeks later on August 8, 1953, in Meridian. He was 94.

  • Cen 1860: 2 Jul 1860 Census, Dennison, Pawnee Territory, Nebraska
  • Cen 1870: 27 Aug 1870 Census, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1880: 16 Jun 1880 Census, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska
  • Cen 1900: 25 Jun 1900 Census, Plum Creek Precinct, Pawnee County, Nebraska
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  • Hobson, Calvin C. Sylvester and Sarah (Parkhurst) Fisher of Gage County, Nebraska. 1972.

Nancy Emeline (FISHER) SMITH (1860-1945)Top

1HD. Nancy Emeline Fisher was born March 18, 1860, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She married David Wolf Smith on March 30, 1885, in Beatrice, Gage County, Nebraska, and had seven children:

1HD1. Della Smith 1 Feb 1886 16 Jan 1976 (89)
1HD2. Pearl Smith 11 Jul 1888 12 Mar 1971 (82)
1HD3. Daniel Delbert Smith 25 Feb 1890 30 Oct 1954 (64)
1HD4. Orlando Oliver Smith 27 Feb 1892 5 Apr 1962 (70)
1HD5. Sylvester Theodore Smith 17 Feb 1894 Dec 1972 (78)
1HD6. Ray M. Smith 2 Oct 1898 8 Jul 1987 (88)
1HD7. Earnest Monroe Smith 30 Nov 1901 22 Mar 1956 (54)

The Smiths had their first five children in Liberty where they lived until about 1895. They moved to the northwest corner of Arkansas in Gravette, Benton County and had their sixth child there. Later they lived a short while in Bentonville, about 16 miles east of Gravette in Benton County, where David shod horses, sharpened plows, and worked as blacksmith for the railroad. They moved shortly thereafter, in 1899, back along the Kansas-Nebraska line to Northbranch, Jewell County, Kansas, where they owned a grocery store for a brief while. They next moved south across Kansas to Alva, Woods County, Oklahoma, and finally settled in Faulkner, Woods County, Oklahoma where they had their last child.

In 1911, the Smiths moved west to California and operated a vineyard in Cloverdale, Sonoma County. By February 1920, the Smiths moved to Dent, San Joaquin County, California where David and their two youngest boys worked as farmers. Nancy's eldest brother, Albert, also lived in Dent at that time.

The Smiths later moved to Taos, Taos County, New Mexico in 1928 but eventually made their way back to Alva, Oklahoma.

David Wolf Smith was born April 24, 1850, in Missouri. He died August 9, 1932, at the age of 82 and is buried in Alva, Woods County, Oklahoma.

Nancy Emeline (Fisher) Smith died on December 29, 1945, at the age of 85.

Mary Adeline (FISHER) MAGUIRE (1861-1910)Top

1HE. Mary Adeline Fisher was born September 19, 1861, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She married James Maguire in Liberty before 1883 when they resettled west to Frontier County and started their family of five children:

1HE1. Alice Talon Maguire 8 Aug 1885 Apr 1972 (86)
1HE2. Roy James Maguire 8 Feb 1887 May 1973 (86)
1HE3. Ray Thomas Maguire 23 Feb 1890 31 Jul 1949 (59)
1HE4. Alean Frances Maguire 30 Jul 1895 18 May 1979 (83)
1HE5. Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Maguire 9 Jun 1896 29 May 1988 (91)

After about five years in Frontier County, the Maguires returned to Gage County by 1890, resettling first northwest of Liberty and later move into town where the Maguires ran a restaurant until 1895.

In 1895, the Maguires moved south to Welcome, Geary County, Kansas, northeast of Dwight, across the Morris-Geary county line.

Mary Adeline (Fisher) Maguire died September 18, 1910, in Dwight, Morris County, Kansas, at the age of 48.

James Maguire died eight years later in Dwight on December 16, 1918. He was 61 years old.

Stephen Douglas FISHER (1863-1865)Top

1HF. Stephen Douglas Fisher was born February 8, 1863 in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska and died two and a half years later on July 15, 1865.

John David FISHER (1864-1935)Top

1HG. John David Fisher was born March 29, 1864, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He had four children:

1HG1. David Harold Fisher 18 Sep 1899 30 Oct 1957 (58)
1HG2. Victoria Isabelle Fisher 2 Mar 1904 17 Jan 1947 (42)
1HG3. Bertha Laura Fisher 3 Jan 1908 --  -- 
1HG4. Walter Russell Fisher 22 Dec 1910 25 Jul 1937 (26)

John David Fisher died May 17, 1935, at the age of 71.

Sarah Isabelle (FISHER) GLICK (1865-1948)Top

1HH. Sarah Isabelle Fisher was born June 21, 1865, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She died November 27, 1948, at the age of 83.

Francis Marion FISHER (~1867-1937)Top

1HI. Francis Marion Fisher was born New Year's Day, January 1, 1867 or 1868, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He married Jewell Bell Thomas on December 23, 1889, in Belleville, Republic County, Kansas, and had 10 children:

1HIA. Gurtie Corderlia Fisher 17 Mar 1891 24 Apr 1891 (0)
1HIB. Dessa Edna Fisher 5 May 1892 26 Aug 1972 (80)
1HIC. Stillman Floyd Fisher 28 Aug 1894 16 Oct 1962 (68)
1HID. Ida Ruth Fisher 18 Feb 1897 23 Mar 1967 (70)
1HIE. Hazel Troy Fisher 20 Aug 1899 --  -- 
1HIF. Susan Blanche Fisher 10 Jul 1902 1 Jan 1932 (29)
1HIG. Belva Maude Fisher 9 Sep 1905 29 Oct 1907 (2)
1HIH. Melva Roy Fisher 9 Sep 1905 9 Sep 1905 (0)
1HII. Wilma Leoti Fisher 27 Jul 1909 --  -- 
1HIJ. Mildred Irene Fisher 15 Jan 1912 15 Jan 1912 (0)
"Sylvester & Sarah (Parkhurst) Fisher of Gage County, Nebraska"
Ida Ruth (Fisher) Hobson's son Calvin C. Hobson compiled "Sylvester & Sarah (Parkhurst) Fisher of Gage County, Nebraska," on which this Fisher Family History is heavily based, in 1972. Joy May Gagon re-edited it in 1988 and I re-transcribed it in 1996.

Jewell Bell (Thomas) Fisher died on February 29, 1928, in Hardy, Nuckolls County, Nebraska. She was 57 years old.

Francis Marion Fisher died nine years later on March 5, 1937, in Twin Falls, Twin Falls County, Idaho, at the age of 69 or 70. He is buried at Rosemound, Republic County, Kansas.

Joseph Henry FISHER (1869-1908)Top

1HJ. Joseph Henry Fisher was born June 30, 1869, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He had four children:

1HJ1. Emery Francis Fisher 1 Jan 1901 --  -- 
1HJ2. Robert Sylvester Fisher 31 Oct 1903 --  -- 
1HJ3. Emma Gertrude Fisher 1 Feb 1906 --  -- 
1HJ4. Alice Jeanetta Fisher 30 Apr 1908 --  -- 

Joseph Henry Fisher died on February 8, 1908, at the age of 39.

Ira "Crink" Manzo FISHER (1870-1941)Top

1HK. Ira "Crink" Manzo Fisher was born May 24, 1870, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He had three children:

1HK1. Agnes Vena Fisher 1 May 1898 1935 (37)
1HK2. Gerald Sylvester Fisher 4 Jul 1901 --  -- 
1HK3. Glenn Melvin Fisher 24 Jan 1911 1996 (85)

Ira "Crink" Manzo Fisher died December 14, 1941, at the age of 71.

Sylvester "Dude" Theodore FISHER, Jr. (1871-1936)Top

1HL. Sylvester "Dude" Theodore Fisher, Jr. was born on November 23, 1871, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He had seven children:

1HL1. Violet Ann Fisher 17 Jan 1897 --  -- 
1HL2. Francis Theodore Fisher 6 Feb 1898 Oct 1906 (8)
1HL3. Ethel Irene Fisher 14 Jun 1899 --  -- 
1HL4. Arnolla Keturah Fisher 26 Sep 1900 --  -- 
1HL5. Leonard O. Fisher 2 Dec 1901 7 Apr 1954 (52)
1HL6. Eva Janie Fisher 2 Oct 1903 --  -- 
1HL7. Harold James Fisher 11 Oct 1907 --  -- 

Sylvester "Dude" Theodore Fisher, Jr. died September 11, 1936, at the age of 64.

Edward Elonzo FISHER (1873-1929)Top

1HM. Edward Elonzo Fisher was born on November 16, 1873, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. He had four sons and one daughter:

1HM1. Irvin Orlando Fisher 6 Oct 1906 20 Aug 1941 (34)
1HM2. Mary Mildred Fisher 24 Jun 1908 --  -- 
1HM3. Dwight Joseph Fisher 6 Jun 1911 31 Dec 1967 (56)
1HM4. Raymond John Fisher 18 Feb 1917 --  -- 
1HM5. Oliver Burdell Fisher --  --  -- 

Edward Elonzo Fisher died January 20, 1929, at the age of 55.

Keziah Catherine (FISHER) THOMAS (1876-1939)Top

1HN. Keziah Catherine Fisher was born April 15, 1876, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She was likely named for her maternal grandmother, Keziah Sarah (Fort) Parkhurst (1801-1890). She died in November 1939 at the age of 63.

Ellen Celestia FISHER (1877-1879)Top

1HO. Ellen Celestia Fisher was born December 20, 1877, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She died a year later on February 14, 1879.

Ida "Stell" Estella (FISHER) KNIGHT (1880-1951)Top

1HP. Ida "Stell" Estella Fisher was born June 21, 1880, in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska. She died November 3, 1951, at the age of 71.

David S. PARKHURST (1856-1932)Top

1I1. David S. Parkhurst was born August 29, 1856, in Iowa. He was the first born son of Benjamin F. Parkhurst and Eliza Jane Fisher, both of Hancock County, Indiana.

Nancy E. (PARKHURST) GOODROW (1859-1898)Top

1I2. Nancy E. Parkhurst was born May 2, 1859, in Iowa. She died in 1898 at about the age of 39.

Benjamin Charles F. PARKHURST (1861-1897)Top

1I3. Benjamin Charles F. Parkhurst was born October 11, 1861, in Iowa.

Lavada Texas PARKHURST (1865-1866)Top

1I4. Lavada Texas Parkhurst was born January 20, 1865, in Iowa. She died the following year in 1866.

Ulysses S. Grant PARKHURST (1868-)Top

1I5. Ulysses S. Grant Parkhurst was born March 22, 1868, the year before his namesake, General GRANT was elected President.

Arminda May PARKHURST (1871-1875)Top

1I6. Arminda May Parkhurst was born on June 12, 1871. She died in 1875 at about the age of 4.

Emery T. PARKHURST (1874-)Top

1I7. Emery T. Parkhurst was born on May 27, 1874, in Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Minnie Belle PARKHURST (1877-1878)Top

1I8. Minnie Belle Parkhurst was born on May 6, 1877, in Buffalo County, Nebraska. She died the following year in 1878.


1I9. Inez "Burdie" Parkhurst was born October 16, 1880, in Ravenna, Buffalo County, Nebraska. She had five children:

1I91. Elsie Lillian Coleman 2 Jan 1903 19 Jan 1959 (56)
1I92. Velma D. Coleman 1 Dec 1908 --  -- 
1I93. Marion Guy Coleman 27 Nov 1913 8 Dec 1954 (41)
1I94. George E. Coleman 22 Feb 1918 --  -- 
1I95. Richard F. Coleman 27 May 1921 12 Apr 1947 (25)

Inez "Burdie" (Parkhurst) Coleman died in 1955 at about the age of 74.

Alta E. (FISHER) TOWNE (1894-1929)Top

1L2. Alta E. Fisher was born April 2, 1894, in Wapello County, Iowa. She married Claire "Tom" Towne and died at the young age of 35 on October 18, 1929. She is buried at the Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, Wapello County, Iowa.

Jesse Isaac FISHER (1897-1982)Top

1L3. Jesse Isaac Fisher was born February 7, 1897, in Wapello County, Iowa. He married Emma Dianntha Enloe and had nine children:

1L31. Arthur Thomas Fisher 23 Sep 1919 --  -- 
1L32. Frank Vincel Fisher, Sr. 19 Mar 1921 --  -- 
1L33. Carl LeRoy Fisher 5 Sep 1922 --  -- 
1L34. Jewel Margarette Fisher 19 Jun 1924 --  -- 
1L35. Bertha Ellen Fisher 2 Jul 1926 --  -- 
1L36. Glen Maynard Fisher 26 May 1928 --  -- 
1L37. Jesse Albert Fisher 4 Jun 1931 --  -- 
1L38. Wilbur Isaac Fisher 23 Sep 1933 --  -- 
1L39. Darrell Eugene Fisher 12 Jun 1937 --  -- 

Emma Dianntha Enloe was born March 22, 1901, in Hickory Hill, Cole County, Missouri.

Jesse Isaac Fisher died December 8, 1982, at the age of 85.

Emma Dianntha (Enloe) Fisher died 20 days later on December 28, 1982. Both are buried at the Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, Wapello County, Iowa.