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Coulterville Map, 1878

Thanks to Steve Miller of Oakhurst, California, who provided the copy of the 1878 map in 2001.

Coulterville is a quaint little gold mining town located in Mariposa County at the junction of Highways 49 and 132. In 1850, George W. COULTER set up a tent store to supply the miners on Maxwell Creek and other creeks in the area. The miners called the settlement "Banderita" ("Little Flag") for the flag that flew over COULTER's store, but in 1853, the town post office was established and the township was officially dubbed "Maxwell Creek." The next year the town was renamed "Coulterville."

Coulterville Map, 1878
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Following is a description of Coulterville properties from a map drawn in 1878 and copied in 1934. The town was divided into 13 blocks starting in the southern portion of the town.

Following is an overview of the table that describes the blocks and lots. Persons treated elsewhere on this site are boldfaced and hyperlinked. Comments and expansions are noted in italics.

Block 1

Block 1 runs from West Street to the west along the south side of Stockton Street. Lots are arranged southwest to northeast.

Lot Owner Acres
1Daniel Wagner 0.95
2Dr. Austin2.xx
3James Shimer4.x1
4 Andrew Goss1 (The lot labeled "4" depicted on the map appears to be more in the range of 0.3 acres, however its location does conform to that of the Goss Ranch as it exists today)1.12*
5*Adolph H. Sinning (Lot 5 is not depicted on the map)0.xx
6Catholic Church1.18
7*Catholic Cemetery (Number 7 on table, no number on map)0.23
8*Louis Bacigalupi (Number 8 on table, number 7 on map)25.00

Block 2

Block 2 lies between West Street and Quartz Street. Lots are arranged from the corner of Quartz and Merced and run north to south along Quartz Street. Lot 6 lies to the west of lots 1 through 5 and along West Street.

Lot Owner Acres
1 James Shimer (West corner of Quartz & Stockton/Merced; current site of the Northern Mariposa County Center)0.xx
2N. T. Cody0.50
3Wm. T. Blackner(0.50)
4Louis Noziglio0.xx
5Henry Florand0.96
6Daniel Wagner2.81

Block 3

Block 3 is a wedge that lies between Quartz Street, Maxwell Creek, and Merced Street. Lots are arranged south to north.

Lot Owner Acres
1N. T. Cody0.18
2Davis Rosenthal0.17
3Louis Gerrard0.x8
4 Henry Florand (East corner of Quartz & Merced) 0.18
5James W. Reed (Merced and Maxwell Creek)0.28

Block 4

Block 4 lies between Water Street and Maxwell Creek. Lots are numbered from south to north along Water Street.

Lot Owner Acres
1George Ehberh0.0x
2John R. Collins0.14
3Dano Yturbide1.04

Block 5

Block 5 lies north of Block 4 between Water Street and Maxwell Creek. Lots are numbered south to north along Water Street.

Lot Owner Acres
1 John R. Collins (East corner of Water & Pine)0.50
2Jacob Kale0.28
3Andrew Goss17.00

Block 6

Block 6 is the northern block between Main and Water streets. Lots are numbered south to north.

Lot Owner Acres
1 Frank Cuneo (North corner of Water & Pine) (0.23)
2G. Portole (0.18)
3Jonathan Mentzer1.42
4G. Canova (Further broken into 10 sublots; these lie across Main Street from Canova's sublots in block 10.)1.24

Block 7

Block 7 is the southern block between Main Street and Water Street. Lots are numbered south to north.

Lot Owner Acres
1 James W. Reed (Corner of Merced & Main) 0.15
2Daniel Wagner0.46
3Francisco Bruschi0.20
4G. Portole0.26
5John Debait0.18
6John Rihn 0.3x
7Antonio Tiscornia0.11
8 Jonathan Mentzer (Corner of Main & Pine)0.27

Block 8

Block 8 runs from Stockton Street to the south and north between Broadway and Main Street. Lots are numbered with 1 through 5 running south to north along the west side of Main Street, lot 6 in the middle of the block, and lots 7 and 8 running south to north along Broadway.

Lot Owner Acres
1 George Jeffrey (Site of the Hotel Jeffrey on the corner of Main Street) 0.09
2Angelo Faniono0.x1
3Ralph Jones0.11
4 Peter Langxxrst0.02
5Francisco Bruschi0.18
6James Shimer (Together with lot 7 forms the modern-day Coulterville Park) 0.91
7George Jeffrey (Together with lot 6 forms the modern-day Coulterville Park) 0.27
8Francisco Bruschi0.42

Block 9

Block 9 comprises the northern three quarters between Broadway and Main Street and bounded on the north by Cemetery Street. The lots are numbered begin at the corner of Broadway along County Road 38A (1-5), to Main Street and along the west side of Main Street (5-14), and then lots 15 through 17 run south to north along Broadway.

Lot Owner Acres
1 Lozoro Gogelli (Corner of Broadway & County Road 38A)0.xx
2Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.)0.x2
3Giovanne Bogliolo 0.20
4Francisco Bruschi0.17
5 Francisco Bruschi (Corner of Main & County Road 38A)0.18
6J. H. Smith0.10
7Mrs. Johnson10.31
8Gilbert Douglas0.20
9Frank Boissa 1.47
10Isaac Shilling0.31
11A. D. Gordon (0.33)
12Angelo Boitano (0.30)
13Antonio Tiscornia0.31
14Jail Lot 0.18
15Isaac Shilling0.96
16Isaac Shilling0.18

Block 10

Block 10 is a wedge that lies between Cemetery Street and Main Street on the north end of town.

Lot Owner Acres
1G. Canova (Further broken into 18 sublots; these lie across Main Street from Canova's sublots in block 6.)1.xx
2John Rihn (Not labeled on map; may refer to the property to the north of Canova's lot that heads out of town up Greely Hill Road)3.xx
3Vacant (Not labeled on map)0.x1
4Vacant (Not labeled on map)0.x1

Block 11

Block 11 makes up the northeast end of town from China Town to Maxwell Creek. The lots are numbered beginning from Block 5, Lot 3, along Maxwell Creek (1-4), and then covering China Town.

Lot Owner Acres
1 (Not labeled; the lot occupies the bend in Maxwell Creek)3.34
2(Not labeled) 1.31
3(Not labeled) 0.3x
4Angelo Garbarino1.18
5Cemetery (perhaps the Chinese cemetery)0.22
6China Town1.01
7China Town0.xx

Block 12

Block 12 lies west of Broadway and north of Stockton Street.

Lot Owner Acres
1Giacomo Gazzolo28.26
2James Coop (Corner of Stockton & Broadway)0.xx
3 Delia Thompson (Labeled as "John Thompson" on the map)0.xx
4School Lot (Coulterville High School)2.11
5Frank Boissa0.80
6Corner of Cemetery (Not labeled on map)0.18

Block 13

Block 13 comprises everything east of Maxwell Creek and is punctuated by the Coulterville Heights and Chas. Cazzasa's subdivisions. These are bounded on the south by Pine Street and on the north by Grove Street. Madison, Hillside, Cazzasa, and Spring Street run north to south through the tract.

Lot Owner Acres
1Peter Singes (Further divided into 36 sublots that form Coulterville Heights)24.60
2Vacant (Not labeled on map)5.xx
3 Curtis Bradford (Labeled as "No. 4" on map; runs along Ferry Road beyond Lot 5)19.25
4 Angelo Garbarino (Labeled as "No. 3" on map; southeastern reach of the town beyond lot 3)1.x0
5 Angelo Garbarino (Further divided into 7 sublots accessed from Ferry Road; sublot 2 later became the Goss residence)1.80
6 Angelo Garbarino (Labeled as "No. 1" on map; east of Maxwell Creek and south of Ferry Road)5.56

Block 14

Block 14 is not specifically labeled on the map. Its location is unclear.

Lot Owner Acres
1Louis Gerrard0.0x
2Roger McNough0.0x