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Chapman Family History, Part IV

May 2017

John Reeve CHAPMAN (1818->1900)Top

112DB. John Reeve Chapman was born on March 4, 1818, in Greenup County, Kentucky. He married Elmira A. Taylor on September 30, 1841, in Ogle County, Illinois, west of Chicago. They had two daughters but both died as toddlers in July 1845:

112DB1. Sarah Ann Chapman 25 Aug 1842 19 Jul 1845 (2)
112DB2. Electa J. Chapman 26 Jan 1844 22 Jul 1845 (1)

At right about the age of 20, John made his first attempt to leave home and move further west, finally succeeding in reaching north-central Illinois in June 1838, settling in Bureau County where he and his younger brother Albert were enumerated in the 1840 census.[Cen 1840]

After their marriage, the Chapmans settled further north into Ogle County where they were enumerated in Eagle Township in the 1850 census, Pine Rock, Marion Township, in the 1860 census, and Lafayette Township in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses.[Cen 1850-1880] By 1900 they had moved a little ways south to Franklin Grove Village, China Township, Lee County, Illinois.

Having no surving children of their own, nieces and nephews often lived with the Chapmans as noted in the censuses. These included Mary, Charles, and Anetta Chapman[Cen 1870]; Eli Chapman and Emerson Chapman[Cen 1880]; and Jesse White[Cen 1900].

The following excerpt, I'm embarrassed to say, is from a copy of a copy of a biography of John Chapman. As such, I'm not entirely sure where the original is (it appears to be a who's who of Lee County, Illinois) but here is a lightly editted version:

Chapman, John R., Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Ashton, Lee County; owns 240 acres valued at $60 per acre; born in Greenup County, Kentucky, March 4, 1818.

When 2 years old, his parents, John and Mary Chapman, were compelled to forfeit their homestead in Kentucky under the disputed lands acts and moved into Scioto Co., Ohio. In August 1836, they moved into Madison County, Indiana.

In March 1838, Mr. Chapman, then a young man of 20, set out with a yoke of oxen for Cincinnati, Ohio. He started alone, but was compelled, when only a few days on the road, to send back for assistance, as the difficulties encountered on the way were too great for one man to overcome. He finally accomplished the journey in 14 days. On May 28, of the same year, he left his parental home and joined an expedition, formed by P. Patrick, for the Indian Territory, but at Peoria they were disbanded and John, in company with three others, started for Bureau County, Illinois. Becoming separated from his companions, he continued on his way and after experiencing innumerable hardships he arrived at his destination, June 28, one month from the time he left home.

Marrying Elmi[n/r]a A. Taylor, who was born July 5, 1820, Sept. 30, 1841, he moved to this [Lee] county, in April, 1843, and was one of the first to break up the wild prairie land in the vicinty of Paine's Point [Ogle County, Illinois].

Mr. Chapman was twice elected County Coroner, and has also held the offices of School Trustee and Director, both in Pine Rock and Lafayette Townships. He is at present justice of the Peace, to which office he was elected in Nov. 1877. It is worthy of mention in connections with this sketch of Mr. Chapman, that he is strictly speaking a self-educated man, and also that he is a descendant of a Chapman who served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary war.

Mr. Chapman has had two children: Sarah Ann, born Aug. 25th, 1842, died July 19th, 1845; Electa J., born Jan. 26, 1844, died July 22, 1845.

John Reeve Chapman died on July 2, 1902, in Franklin Grove Village. He was 84 years old.

Elmira A. (Taylor) Chapman reportedly died two months later on September 18, 1902. She was 82 years old and they had been married 60 years.

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Allen CHAPMAN5 (1819-1890)Blue StarTop

112DC. Allen Chapman5 was born, along with his twin brother Albert, on November 6, 1819, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio. As a teen his family moved northwest into Indiana, settling in Green Township, Madison County by 1834. There he married Elizabeth Davis, who was about a year older, on May 30, 1839. They had six children:

112DC1. John Chapman (1843) --  -- 
112DC2. Harriet J. Chapman6 17 Apr 1844 25 Jun 1936 (92)
112DC3. Elizabeth E. Chapman (1848) --  -- 
112DC4. Mary E. Chapman (1848) --  -- 
112DC5. Allen Frank Chapman 28 Jul 1858 20 Oct 1894 (36)
112DC6. Anderson Acton Chapman (1861) 13 Aug 1913 (52)
Davis Family Lead?
William F. Davis (1 Oct 1824 - 21 Oct 1857), of Bath County, Kentucky, was buried in Ashland Cemetery in Wapello County, Iowa. Might he have been Elizabeth's brother? He married Sarah Ellen Fisher (1828-1876), whose nephew, John J. Fisher, married Harriet J. Chapman.

By about 1858 the Chapman family left Indiana for Iowa and settled in Wapello County in the southeast corner of the state along the Des Moines River. (Allen's father had earlier moved to Louisa County, along the Mississippi River by 1855). Their last child, Anderson, was born in Wapello County.

Civil War Service

Chapman Family Soldiers
Aside from Allen's three younger brothers and his son-in-law, nephew William A. Chapman; cousins William Anderson and Francis Marion Chapman; and cousin Anderson C. Ragsdale also served in the Union Army. Ragsdale and his nephew both died in 1865.

When the war broke out Allen's younger brother Benjamin was the first to enlist in October 1861. Then, just a month after his daughter's wedding, Allen's two youngest brothers both enlisted in the same company in August 1862. A month later, Allen joined the Iowa 37th Regiment Volunteer Infantry, known as "the Graybeard Regiment," a regiment that was formed mostly of men over the age of 45 and exempt from military service who were designated to chiefly take up guard and garrison duties. Allen was assigned to Company "E."

He enlisted on September 27, 1862, in Agency City, Iowa, for a term of 3 years and was noted as a 43 year-old farmer -- actually he was a month shy of his 43rd birthday -- and therefore one of the younger men of this regiment. He was further described as having been born in Scioto County, Ohio, standing 5'-10" with blue eyes, dark hair, and a dark complexion. Allen's younger brother Benjamin joined the Iowa 11th Regiment about the same time.

Two months later the regiment mustered in on December 15, 1862, in Muscatine, Iowa. The Iowa 37th Regiment's first deployment was to St. Louis, Missouri in January 1863 where it took up guard duty at a prison camp. In April of that year the regiment helped repulse a rebel attack and afterward took on the duty of guarding the railroad between St. Louis and Jefferson City until July. During this time son-in-law John Jackson Fisher3 enlisted in the 7th Iowa Cavalry Regiment.

In July the regiment redeployed to Alton, Illinois, just up the river from St. Louis where again it guarded rebel prisoners. There they stayed until January 1864 for a six-month tour at Rock Island, Illinois, just opposite from Davenport, Iowa. The regiment then got the call to move down the Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee in June 1864. There they guarded the railway between Memphis and La Grange and came under attack by rebel bands. They lost a few men to battle but lost many more to sickness in the wet conditions of southwestern Tennessee.

Two months later the regiment moved back north to Indianapolis in August where the regiment split for tours of guard duty in Indianapolis and Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Pvt. Chapman was promoted to Corporal on October 24, 1864.

In May 1865 the regiment was reunited in Cincinnati and then mustered out on May 24 at Davenport, Iowa. Throughout the "Graybeards" tours of duty, 3 men were killed in action and 145 died of disease.

Allen filed for his military pension as an invalid on September 7, 1883, while in Maryland.

Allen Chapman died on April 13, 1890, in Iowa at the age of 70. He was buried at Ashland Cemetery in Wapello County.

Two months after Allen's death, Elizabeth filed for Allen's pension in Iowa on June 16, 1890.

Elizabeth (Davis) Chapman died three years after her husband on April 27, 1893. She was in her early 70's. She was also buried at Ashland Cemetery.

  • Cen 1885: 1885 Iowa State Census, Washington Township, Wapello County, Iowa

Albert CHAPMAN (1819->1850)Top

112DD. Albert Chapman was born on November 6, 1819, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio, along with his twin brother Allen. He married Sabra (Duncan/Dawson) Jarrett, who had been briefly married in 1838 to Enos Jarrett, on November 27, 1839, in Hancock County, Indiana. They had five children:

112DD1. William A. ChapmanGold Star 11 Nov 1842 25 Mar 1865 (22)
112DD2. Ellen Chapman 4 Apr 1847 4 Apr 1848 (1)
112DD3. Rebecca A. Chapman 14 Sep 1848 --  -- 
112DD4. Ruth Chapman 13 Jul 1852 2 Nov 1853 (1)
112DD5. John G. Chapman 27 Mar 1855 --  -- 

Albert Chapman is believed to have died in the late 1850s, after his sons birth in 1855 and before the 1860 census, most likely in Indiana. He would have been only in his late 30s.

Sabra (Duncan/Dawson) Chapman went on to remarry to Levi[Cen 1860] or Irvin Harding[Cen 1870,1880] on April 22, 1860 in Clinton County, Indiana, and resided in Owen Township with Sarah's three surviving Chapman children, Rebecca and John, and Rebecca Duncan, who appears to be her mother.[Cen 1860]

During the Civil War, Sabra lost her elder son William in the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign (June 1864-March 1865) in Virginia, Grant's 10-month seige that ultimately dislodged Lee from the Confederate capital at Richmond and led to Lee's surrender.

By 1870, the Hardings moved west to southeast Iowa and settled in Wyacondah Township, Davis County.[Cen 1870] Later they continued southwest to Spring Creek Township in Coffey County, Kansas, settling by 1880.[Cen 1880]

  • Cen 1860: 12 Sep 1860 Census, Owen Township, Clinton County, Indiana
  • Cen 1870: 12 Aug 1870 Census, Savannah Post Office, Wyacondah Township, Davis County, Iowa
  • Cen 1880: 7 Jun 1880 Census, Spring Creek Township, Coffey County, Kansas

Alfred CHAPMAN (1824-1908)Top

Alfred CHAPMAN 112DF. Alfred Chapman was born on June 26, 1824, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio. He married Beulah Taylor on March 22, 1846, in Ogle County, Illinois. Beulah was the sister of Alfred's eldest brother's wife Elmira who had married five years previously. Alfred and Beulah had six children, four surviving through 1900.[Cen 1900B]

Alfred and Beulah divorced about 1863 and Alfred remarried to Sarah Ann (Lloyd) Godfrey, reportedly on November 23, 1865, in Mahaska County, Iowa. Alfred and Sarah and had at least four more children.

112DFA. Henry Chapman (1847) --  -- 
112DFB. Rhoda Anna Chapman Jan 1850 (<1920) (<71)
112DFC. Sarah A. Chapman (1852) --  -- 
112DFD. Jane Chapman (1854) (1863) (9)
112DFE. Charles William Chapman 19 Aug 1855 27 Nov 1917 (62)

 -- Jennie Godfrey (1854) (< 1900) (< 46)
 -- Isabella Godfrey (1857) (< 1900) (< 43)
 -- George Godfrey (Jan 1860) (< 1900) (< 40)
 -- Francis Edwin Godfrey 31 Mar 1862 19 Apr 1894 (32)

112DFF. Ira Sylvester Chapman 9 May 1865 11 Apr 1911 (45)
112DFG. Ulysses S. Grant Chapman 13 Apr 1868 16 Jun 1938 (70)
112DFH. Sherman Chapman 19 Feb 1870 23 Sep 1949 (79)
112DFI. Fremont Chapman 18 Jan 1874 4 Dec 1972 (98)

After Alfred and Beulah's marriage in Ogle County, Illinois, the Chapman family settled in Taylor Township by 1850.[Cen 1850] By 1860 they had moved slightly southeast into Lee County, settling in the Ogle Station/Ashton area.[Cen 1860]

Family accounts of Alfred's and Beulah's divorce relate that the two split after Beulah, in a fit of rage, struck one of the children, likely young Jane who would have been about 9 years old at the time. She allegedly struck the child so hard that the child died. Alfred immediately pulled up stakes, took the children, and moved to Iowa. Beulah remained in Ashton, Lee County, Illinois, through 1900.[Cen 1880B,1900B] Beulah's sister Elmira, who married Alfred's eldest brother, was allegedly not permitted to visit Beulah afterward.

Alfred and Sarah (LLOYD) CHAPMAN Following Alfred and Beulah's divorce, Alfred remarried to Sarah Ann (Lloyd) Godfrey, reportedly on November 23, 1865, in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Sarah had previously married Isaac W. Godfrey on May 3, 1853, in Connecticut,[Marr 1853] Isaac's home state and the birth place of Sarah's parents. They had four children together: Jennie, Isabella, George, and Francis Edward Godfrey. During the Civil War, Isaac served in Company D of the 39th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, which mustered in on October 11, 1861, six and a half months before son Francis Edward was born. How Isaac and Sarah came to be separated is unknown, but Isaac returned to Connecticut and remarried to Julia Way Lamson. Daughter Isabella lived with her father in Connecticut while Jennie lived with her mother in Iowa in 1870.

Isaac W. Godfrey lived on until April 24, 1897. He is buried at Center Cemetery in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Isaac was about 65 years old.

The Chapmans moved further west, reportedly settling in Marion, Linn County (northeast of Cedar Rapids) by the time of Ira's birth. Come Grant's birth in 1868, the Chapmans resided east of Omaha in Cass County.

By 1870 the Chapman family had again moved southwest into Fremont County, settling in Manti/Farragut, Fisher Township (south-southeast of Omaha). There, Alfred (misspelled as "Albert" in the census) and Sarah lived next door to Sarah's daughter Jennie (Godfrey) and Stephen "Van Beth" (later as "Van Cott" in the 1880 census). Stephen and Jennie were enumerated with Alfred and Sarah's younger sons Edwin, Ira, and Grant Chapman living with them. Elder son Charles was living with his elder sister Sarah and her husband Henry E. Perry in Hamburg, to the southwest.[Cen 1870]

The Chapmans continued on in Fisher Township through 1880 with the boys, Charles through Fremont, and Sarah's son Francis, all together. Sarah's daughter Jennie also contined to live next door with her two Van Cott daughters, but Stephen was gone and she had taken the name Whitting and was divorced.[Cen 1880]

The Chapmans again relocated further west to Nebraska, settling on Iriving Street in Blue Springs Village, Gage County, by the 1900 census. (Note that the photo above was taken in neighboring Wymore, Gage County, Nebraska.) Sadly, in 1900, the Chapmans reported that only four of Sarah's eight children survived, indicating that the four from her first marriage to Isaac W. Godfrey had passed away.[Cen 1900A] In 1910 Sarah reported that four of nine children had survived.[Cen 1910]

Alfred Chapman died on October 13, 1908, in Gage County, Nebraska. He was 84 years old.

Sarah A. (Lloyd Godfrey) Chapman died 11 years later in Gage County at the age of 82 or 83 years. She is buried in Blue Springs Cemetery.

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  • Cen 1910: 18 Apr 1910 Census, Blue Springs Village, Blue Springs Township, Gage County, Nebraska

Hannah Evaline (CHAPMAN) EAKS (1828-1907)Top

112DH. Hannah Evaline Chapman was born August 20, 1828, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio. She was likely named for her maternal grandmother Hannah Reeves. She married Josiah Elvis Eaks, a native of North Carolina, on December 26, 1850. They had nine children:

112DH1. Mary Margery Eaks 8 Dec 1852 3 Jun 1930 (77)
112DH2. John Andrew Eaks 8 Aug 1854 26 Jun 1933 (78)
112DH3. Phoebe Arminda Eaks 25 Jul 1856 2 Jun 1934 (77)
112DH4. Irvin Elvis Eaks 27 Mar 1858 5 Jan 1935 (76)
112DH5. Martha Emily Jane Eaks 29 Aug 1860 15 Jan 1947 (86)
112DH6. Flora Alice Eaks 10 Jul 1862 28 Sep 1936 (74)
112DH7. Zuliah Isabell Eaks 18 Feb 1864 6 Jun 1947 (82)
112DH8. William Henry Eaks 29 Apr 1866 16 Mar 1941 (74)
112DH9. Charles Elmer Eaks 2 Jun 1870 24 Jan 1938 (67)

The family started out in Indiana and by 1854 settled in Macon County, Missouri, where they lived through 1864. By 1866 they moved north into Iowa and settled in Grandview, Louisa County, where her parents and younger brother Madison lived. In the 1870s they moved westward to Kansas, settling by 1880 in Graham County in an area later associated with the town of Palco, just east across the county line in Rooks County.[Cen 1880]

Josiah Elvis Eaks died in 1886 in Palco. He was about 58 years old.

After Josiah's death, Hannah lived with her son William in Graham County, next door to son Irvin's family.[Cen 1900]

Hannah Evaline (Chapman) Eaks died 21 in 1907, also in Palco. She was about 79 years old.

  • Cen 1870: 30 Jul 1870 Census, Grandview, Concord Township, Louisa County, Iowa
  • Cen 1880: 12-14 Jun 1880 Census, South of South Fork Solomon River (Millbrook Township), Graham County, Kansas
  • Cen 1900: 7 Jun 1900 Census, Morlan Township, Graham County, Kansas

Benjamin Franklin CHAPMAN (1830-1912)Blue StarTop

Benjamin Franklin CHAPMAN 112DI. Benjamin Franklin Chapman was born on September 1, 1830, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio. He married a woman named Susan F. on February 7, 1851, and had one son eight months later, probably in Hancock County, Indiana. Susan died 12 days after childbirth. They had only been married eleven months.

Benjamin remarried six years later on January 11, 1857, in Muscatine County, Iowa, to the widow Elizabeth (Shellabarger) Snyder. They had three more children together:

112DI1. Eli R. Chapman 26 Oct 1851 1919 (67)

--  Sarah Katherine Snyder 31 Jan 1852 30 Jun 1926 (74)

112DI2. Emmett Chester Chapman 5 Dec 1857 2 Dec 1925 (67)
112DI3. Martha Evelyn Chapman (3) Jul 1859 13 Oct 1938 (79)
112DI4. Mary Chapman (1868) (<1880) (<12)

After Susan's death, Benjamin followed his uncle William P. Chapman to Seventy-Six Township, Muscatine County, Iowa. William had moved there around 1854 and Benjamin joined their family around 1855 or early 1856. Notably absent at this time was son Eli.[Cen 1856].

A year later Benjamin and Elizabeth (Shellabarger) Snyder married and started their blended family in Muscatine County, settling in Cedar Township, just west of Seventy-Six Township.[Cen 1860,1870]

During the Civil War, Benjamin enlisted with the Union Army's 11th Iowa Regiment Volunteer Infantry, Company A. He was 31 years old at the time and first of four brothers to serve.

11th Iowa Regiment Volunteer InfantryBlue Star

The 11th Iowa was organized at Davenport in September and October 1861 and ordered to St. Louis, Missouri, on November 1st. The following March they were attached to General Grant's Army of Tennessee and caught in a surprise attack at the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, (April 6-7, 1862), narrowly defeating the Confederates in the bloodiest battle in United States history up to that time (23,741 dead and wounded). From Shiloh they advanced on Corinth, Mississippi, and laid seige until the Battle of Corinth in November.

Following Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign, the regiment moved to Memphis, Tennessee, and then on to Richmond and Lake Providence, Louisiana, until April 1863. In May the regiment engaged at the Battle of Champion's Hill (May 16) and then on to the Seige of Vicksburg (Confederate surrender on July 4th). After Vicksburg the regiment operated in Mississippi and Louisiana until redeploying to Tennessee around April 1864 and into Georgia on the March to the Sea and Seiges of Atlanta (July 22 to August 25, 1864), and Savannah (December 10-21, 1864).

Following the Georgia Campaign, the regiment participated in the Campaign of the Carolinas (January to April 1865) and marched through Virginia and on to Washington, D.C. (May 24, 1865).

Following the Union victory, the 11th Iowa moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and mustered out on July 15, 1865. The regiment lost 91 men in combat and another 166 to disease. For more details see the "11th Iowa Infantry Regimental History."

After the war, Benjamin returned to Muscatine County, Iowa.

Elizabeth (Shellabarger Snyder) Chapman died on June 6, 1894, near Adams, northwest of Muscatine and is buried at Cranston Cemetery in Seventy-Six Township, West-Southwest of Muscatine. She was 70 years old.

Muscatine Journal, Wednesday, May 8, 1912
"Injury Results In Death of Aged Man"

B. F. Chapman, well-known in this city, died at the home of his [step] daughter, Mrs. Jefferson Bowlby, of 618 East Ninth St. last evening at 8:10 o'clock. Recently he experienced a fall, fracturing his hip. Since that time his condition gradually grew worse, death coming in the early evening yesterday. His advanced age of 81 years made it practically impossible for the injury to heal, and he sank to rest quietly. His sterling character and kindly ways made him well-liked by all who knew him. No funeral arrangements have yet been made.

He is survived by two sons, Emmett Chapman, of Vermillion, South Dakota, and Ely Chapman, of Fremont, Nebraska; one daughter, Mrs. David Allman, of Eldon, Iowa; one step-daughter, Mrs. Jefferson Bowlby, of this city and two brothers, Henry, of Pennsylvania, and Wesley, of this city.

Come the 1900 and 1910 censuses, Benjamin was enumerated as a widowed inmate at the Iowa Veterans' Home in Linn Township (likely near Marshalltown), Marshall County. Apparently sometime later he moved in with his step-daughter, Sarah Katherine (Snyder) Bowlby in Muscatine.

Benjamin Franklin Chapman died on May 7, 1912, at the home of his step-daughter, Sarah Katherine (Snyder) Bowlby. He was 81 years old. Benjamin is buried with Elizabeth at the Cranston Cemetery in Seventy-Six Township.

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Henry Young CHAPMAN (1832-1921)Top

Henry Young CHAPMAN 112DJ. Henry Young Chapman was born on October 14, 1832, in Porter Township, Scioto County, Ohio. He married Louisa Crider by 1857 and had six children. Years after Louisa's death in 1890, Henry remarried to Annie Fisher.

112DJ1. Sarah Asenath Chapman 9 Nov 1857 11 Sep 1901 (43)
112DJ2. Buana Vista Chapman 1859 --  -- 
112DJ3. Clara Electra Chapman 14 Nov 1862 13 Dec 1925 (62)
112DJ4. Edith A. Chapman 1864 --  -- 
112DJ5. Minnie M. Chapman (1867-1868) --  -- 
112DJ6. William H. Chapman (1876-1877) --  -- 

The Chapmans lived near Henry's younger brother Madison in Grandview Township, Louisa County, Iowa, in 1860. There Henry and Madison Green both worked as carpenters.[Cen 1860]

The family moved about 36 miles south to Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, where Henry continued work as a carpenter.[Cen 1870]

Next they moved about 90 miles northwest to Liberty Township, Keokuk County, Iowa, where Henry worked as a mill wright in 1880.[Cen 1880]

The Chapmans continued to the northwest corner of the state and settled on Township 96, Range 40, Section 16, in the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Center Township, O'Brien County, by 1885. Henry worked as a carpenter and only the two youngest children remained at home.[Cen 1885]

Louisa (Crider) Chapman died on January 29, 1890, and was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Primghar, O'Brien County.[Grave] She was 53 years old and they had been married about 42 years.

Henry remarried 18 years later to Annie Fisher on September 30, 1908, at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Selinsgrove, Snyder County, Pennsylvania.[Mar 1908] He was 75 years old and a resident of Selinsgrove, and she was about 54 years old and resident of California. They settled at 301 East Pine Street in Selinsgrove.[Cen 1910,1920]

Henry Young Chapman died 31 years later on December 2, 1921, in Selinsgrove, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. He was 89 years old.[Grave]

  • Cen 1860: 4 Jul 1860 Census, Grandview Post Office, Grandview Township, Louisa County, Iowa
  • Cen 1880: 9 Jun 1880 Census, Liberty Township, Keokuk County, Iowa
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  • Cen 1910: 9 May 1910 Census, East Pine Street, Selinsgrove Borough, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
  • Cen 1920: 19 Jan 1920 Census, 301 East Pine Street, Selinsgrove Borough, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
  • Grave: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Primghar, O'Brien County, Iowa, Find A Grave <>

Madison Green CHAPMAN (1836-1868)Blue Star

112DL. Madison Green Chapman was born on November 16, 1836, in Madison County, Indiana. He married Harriet "Hattie" Lavina Chenoweth, a native of Ohio, on October 6, 1857. They started their family in Grandview, Louisa County, Iowa, and had three children:

112DL1. Emerson Franklin Chapman Aug 1858 (>1940) (>81)
112DL2. Mary/Luella Chapman (Mar) 1860 --  -- 
112DL3. Annette "Nettie" Chapman 29 Dec 1862 17 May1929 (66)
Two Daughters or Three?
The 1860 census notes that daugher Mary was four months old (i.e., born about March 1860). In 1870, Mary may be the "Mary Chapman" (age 13, born in Canada) enumerated with an as yet unidentified Charles Chapman (age 12, born in Illinois) and sister Annette (as "Anetta," age 7, born in Iowa) living with their uncle John R. Chapman. However, her birth place of Canada calls that correlation into question. Beyond this, there is no further mention of Mary, however, in 1880, Nettie's older sister is named as Luella, two years her senior. Finally, in 1900 and 1910, Hattie records that all three of her children survive.

The Chapmans lived nearby Madison's elder brother Henry in Grandview Township, Louisa County, Iowa, in 1860. There Madison and Henry both worked as carpenters.[Cen 1860]

Madison and his younger brother Charles both enlisted with Company F of the 19th Iowa Regiment Volunteer Infantry, probably on August 25, 1862, when the regiment mustered in. At that time Hattie was pregnant and only four months from giving birth to their daughter Nettie.

19th Iowa Regiment Volunteer InfantryBlue Star

The 19th Iowa was organized at Keokuk, Iowa, and mustered in for three years on August 25, 1862. The regiment was dispatched to Arkansas with the Army of the Frontier where it sought to gain on the Confederate withdrawal from southwest Missouri. The two sides came to blows in Washington County, northwest Arkansas in late November 1862 and finally, with the 19th Regiment, engaged at the Battle of Prairie Grove on December 7. The battle was a largely a stalemate but strategically served to secure northwest Arkansas for the Union.

In the months that followed, the 19th Iowa participated in Grant's Vicksburg Campaign and victorious Seige of Vicksburg (May 18-July 4, 1863).

From Vicksburg the Army of the Frontier and the 19th Iowa moved down the Mississippi River into Louisiana. In September, the army shifted north to Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, below the mouth of the Red River and between the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River. The 19th Iowa, under Major John Bruce, was attached to a small, provisional battalion, led by Lieutenant Colonel J. B. Leake of the 20th Iowa, and sent to draw out a small Confederate infantry division in mid-September. Unsure of the terrain and fearing a Confederate attack, the brigade withdrew to Stirling's plantation and requested reinforcements. Leake's request was denied and the battalion of little more than 450 infantry was overwhelmed by 3,000 Confederates on September 29, 1863. While casualties were relatively light, 454 were captured and marched for three weeks northwest up the Red River valley and west into Texas where they were imprisoned at Camp Ford near Tyler, Texas.

I have yet to determine whether or not Madison and Charles actually took part in the Battle of Stirling's Plantation and were captured.

Madison Green Chapman reportedly died on February 5, 1868, at the age of 31. He is buried at Grandview Cemetery with a marker that commemorates his service in Company F, 19th Iowa Infantry.[Grave]

Hattie was widowed at the young age of 27 after 10 years of marriage and the children were aged 5, 7, and 9. Son Emerson went to live with his mother's kin, Joel and Susan Chenoweth,[Cen 1870A] and sisters Mary (Luella?) and Nettie went to live with their uncle John R. Chapman.[Cen 1870B]

Hattie remarried to William A. Hoefer, on August 8, 1876, in Muscatine County, Iowa.[Marr 1876] William immigrated from Germany in 1858, was naturalized in 1872, and worked in Muscatine at a saw mill and later as a carpenter. Daughters Luella and Nettie rejoined their mother by 1880.[Cen 1880] By 1885, William and Hattie had bought a home at 1009 Oregon Street, in the southwest part of Muscatine, near Musser Park on the Mississippi River.[Cen 1885, 1900]

William A. Hoefer died on November 14, 1904, in Muscatine County. He was 74 years old and is buried at Greenwood Cemetry to the north of their home on Oregon Street.[Grave] William and Hattie had been married 28 years.

After William's death, Hattie stayed on at their home on Oregon Street.[Cen 1910]

Harriet Lavina (Chenoweth Chapman) Hoefer died on May 26, 1915, in Muscatine County, Iowa. She was 74 years old and is reported to be buried next to William in Greenwood Cemetery.[Grave]

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  • Grave: Cemetery, City, County, State, Find A Grave <>

Charles Wesley CHAPMAN (1839-1916)Blue StarTop

Charles Wesley CHAPMAN 112DM. Charles Wesley Chapman was born on September 17, 1839, in Green Township, Madison County, Indiana. He married Nancy Jane Shasteen on December 30, 1858 and had five children.

112DM1. Phoebe Evline Chapman 8 Oct 1859 25 Aug 1860 (10 mos.)
112DM2. Lakin Edward Chapman 3 Nov 1861 12 Apr 1863 (17 mos.)
112DM3. Ella May Chapman 28 Sep 1866 27 May 1933 (66)
112DM4. Charles Willis Chapman 19 Nov 1869 6 Jun 1931 (61)
112DM5. Oscar Leone Chapman 21 Feb 1877 7 Aug 1957 (80)

Charles moved to Grandview Township, Louisa County, Iowa, with his parents in 1855.

Three years later, Charles and Nancy Jane Shasteen wed on December 30, 1858. They were both 19 years old and probably started their family in Grandview Township. Their first two children died as toddlers.

Charles and his next elder brother Madison both enlisted with Company F of the 19th Iowa Regiment Volunteer Infantry, probably on August 25, 1862, when the regiment mustered in. Charles was 22 years old at the time.

After the war, Charles and Nancy had three more children. The first of these was reportably born in Mahaska County, to the west, and their last two sons were born in Muscatine County, probably at Grandview Township.

By 1870, Charles' elderly parents had moved in. Charles's mother died later that year and his father died in 1876.[Cen 1870]

The Chapmans remained in Grandview until 1893 when they moved north to Muscatine, Muscatine County, and resettled at 1182 Fulliam Avenue.

Nancy Jean (Shasteen) Chapman died in Muscatine County, Iowa, on May 3, 1899, one month short of her 60th birthday.

Charles Wesley Chapman died 17 years later on December 24, 1916, in Muscatine County. He was 77 years old.

Obituary, December 1916
Was Member of Shelby Norman Post
After Serving in War - Native of Indiana - was 77 years old"

"Charles Wesley Chapman, veteran of the Civil War, died at the home of his son at 1182 Fulliam Avenue 1st evening at about 10 o'clock. Death was due to advanced age and general debility. He was 77 years of age. He had been failing in health for the past several years, but not until about two weeks ago was his confion considered precarious. He had been bedfast for the past week."

"Born in Indiana, September 17, 1839. In 1855 the family emigrated westward, stopping at Grandview where they made their home until 1893 when they moved to this city. When the call for volunteers was issued in '61 he enlisted in Company A in which he served until the end of the war. He was a member of Shelby Norman Post G. A. R."

"He is survived by one brother, Henry Chapman, who resides in Pennsylvania, two sons, Chas. W. of Atalissa and Oscar L. of this city and one daughter, Mrs. Ella Chesebro of Ellendale, N. D. He was preceded in death by his wife 17 years ago."

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