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CERINI Family History, Introduction

July 2015
Autosomal DNA tests of Cerini descendants include the following GEDMatch kit numbers: A507516, F235368, F235369, and F438609.
Thanks to research from and collaboration with Dan Malugani, Jim Pandiani, Jill (Marci) Sybalsky, Dell Swearingen, and others who contributed to our family history.


This work on the Cerini families of Giumaglio began with two questions. Hearing that the parents of our immigrant grandmother Aurelia (Cerini) Malugani9 were both Cerinis, I wanted to know how they might be related. The other question was how were the Cerinis of Tomales Bay related? From the start, I knew the search for these answers would be full of twists and turns and that pretty much everyone in the little town of Giumaglio would be related to each other, so I decided that in order to tie all the Cerinis of California together I would have to reconstruct the entire parish of Giumaglio.

Once started, and working backward, solving the first question came fairly quickly--Aurelia's parents were second cousins. Two years of work tied most all the other Cerini families together over ten generations, but ultimately did not answer how our Cerini branch and the Tomales branch connected through their direct paternal lines. The closest I found was that one their early Cerini grandfathers married one our early Cerini aunts in 1720 and that any connection those two might have was more than four generations further back.

Early Cerini Families of Giumaglio

Cerini Coat of Arms
Courtesy of Licia Cerini, direct descendant Pietro Cerini

The name Cerini (also in Ticinese dialect as Cerinói and Cerinái) is believed to come from the word candle (cero, in Italian). The candle is prominently featured in the family coat of arms held by descendants of Pietro Cerini, who still live in Valle Maggia. Their emigrant kin in America settled in Tomales Bay, California.

The first parish census of 1692 presented seven separate Cerini households and eight more households with Cerini wives. The heads of these households are subgrouped here by census page references and then in birth order for comparison. Others who died before 1692 have also been added for comparison, but lack page references:

X./2C. Giovanni Cerini (Sr.) (1618-1619) 26 Mar 1696 (70)
 X2./2C Giovanni Cerini (Jr.) (1649-1650) (1703-1706) (50s)
4C. Giovanni "Muscini" Cerini (1645) 30 Aug 1719 (67)
4E. Guglielma (Cerini) Pedrotti (1664-1665) --  -- 

(A.) Pietro Cerini --  (< 1671) -- 
 A2./13A. Giovanni Cerini (~1634) (1709-1717) (70s)
 (A2X)/5C. Pietro Cerini, Magistro (1663-1664) (> 1695) (> 31)

(1.) Antonio Cerini (I)1 --  (< 1692) -- 
 11./8E. Giovanni Antonio Cerini (II)2 (1639-1640) 5 Oct 1698 (60)
  111./16C. Giovanna (Cerini) Pozzi (1662) 2 Mar 1700 (38)
  112./16B. Maria (Cerini) Pozzi (1663) 8 Mar 1704 (40)

8F-9A. Maria (Cerini) Sartori (1644-1645) 18 Apr 1695 (50)

(1.)  Antonio Cerini (I)1 --  (< 1692) -- 
 1A./10B. Giovanni Cerini --  (1682-1692) -- 
 1B./10C. Giovanni Giacomo Cerini (1632-1633) 8 Jan 1693 (60)
 113./10D. Domenica (Cerini) Giumini (1664-1665) 18 Oct 1700 (35)

July 2015

Cerini wives included:

Other Cerini Branches in America

Under Reconstruction
May 2017Note: This section is being replaced by a new section of Select Pedigrees of Valle Maggians. If your ancestor was here before and now is gone, check there.

Marin/Sonoma Coast

Cerini families from Ticino are found along the coast of Marin and Sonoma counties from Point Reyes Station and Tomales to Sea View/Salt Point. Although not treated here, noted familes and individuals include:

Santa Rosa

San Joaquin Valley


Giumaglio, Ticino