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BEAMAN Family History, Part V

March 2013

Walter D. BEAMAN, (Sr.)6 (1894-1967)

1B2GB3. Walter D. Beaman (Sr.)6 was born August 13, 1894, in Clarke County, Iowa. He married Gladys Irene Jeffers and had at least seven children:

1B2GB31. Donald James Beaman 7 Nov 1918 26 May 1983 (64)
1B2GB32. Dennis Charles Beaman 21 Nov 1920 Jun 1977 (56)
1B2GB33. Eva L. Beaman 22 Dec 1921 4 Jan 2002 (80)
1B2GB34. Doyle Sherman BeamanBlue Star 8 Feb 1923 4 Feb 1991 (67)
1B2GB35. Walter "Jay" Day Beaman, Jr.7Blue Star 8 Dec 1924 Feb 2008 (83)
1B2GB36. Dale R. Beaman 12 Nov 1927 27 Jan 2004 (76)
1B2GB37. Charles Beaman      

Gladys Irene Jeffers was born March 29, 1901, in Iowa. She was the daughter of Arlie E. and Mary (Burgers) Jeffers, natives of Iowa.

The Beamans started their family in Clarke County, Iowa, probably in or around Murray in Doyle Township[Cen 1920]. Between 1925 and 1930, the Beamans moved about 20 miles west of Doyle Township to Creston, in Union County, where they resided at 307 South Walnut Street.[Cen 1925, 1930] They later moved about 10 blocks northwest to a rental at 908 West Adair Street between 1935 and 1940. There Walter worked for the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) building fences. He earned $470 working for 42 weeks in 1939.[Cen 1940]

The Beamans moved west to California around 1940 and first lived in the Stony Point Road area between Cotati and Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. By 1943 they moved to Kenwood in the Sonoma Valley. At the outbreak of World War II, sons Doyle and Walter enlisted and the family moved down to the Monterey Bay area where Walter worked on military housing at Fort Ord.

Later the Beamans returned north to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County.

Walter D. Beaman died in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, in January 1967 at the age of 72. He is buried in Rose Lawn at Santa Rosa Memorial Park. He was joined there 16 years later by his 32-year old grandson, Buddy Charles Beaman.

Gladys I. (Jeffers) Beaman died in Santa Rosa in August 1987 at the age of 86. She is buried along side her husband and grandson Buddy at Santa Rosa Memorial Park.

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Addie (BEAMAN) GALLARTY (1886-)

1B2GD1. Addie B. Beaman was born in March 1886. She married Mr. Gallarty and had at least one son:

1B2GD11. Harold Gallarty Abt 1908