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ANDREWS Family History, Part II

August 2010

Orrin P. ANDREWS2 (1825-1902)

11. Orrin P. ANDREWS was born on December 8, 1825, in Richland, Oswego County, New York. He married Harriet S. COTTRELL about 1850 in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and had one daughter, Candace. Soon after their daughter's birth, Harriet died, and Orrin left his daughter in his parents' care. Orrin and Harriet had only been married 11 months.

Two years later, Orrin remarried to Sarah S. SHEPARD, a native of Amity Township, Erie County, on December 16, 1852, in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. They were married by Justice FINLEY and went on to have three more children:

111. Candace Mandana ANDREWS3 9 Nov (1850-1851) 1 Jun 1912 (61)

112. Jennie Irene ANDREWS 7 Mar 1855 15 Mar 1939 (84)
113. Jessie Isabel ANDREWS 23 Feb 1857 15 Jul 1936 (79)
114. Charles M. ANDREWS 31 May 1860 11 Jan 1902 (41)
Cottrell Family of Crawford and Erie Counties, Pennsylvania
Land deeds of Crawford and Erie counties show significant activity by the Eber Cottrell (1751-1833) family from Newport County, Rhode Island, with sons: Benjamin (~1787-1857), Eber (~1790-), Nathaniel (~1803-), and Peter (1805-1900).

Orrin and Sarah stayed in Erie County for two years until they moved to Johnson County, Iowa in 1854. He and his bride set out in the Spring for Erie City by wagon and then took a steamer to Cleveland. From Cleveland, the couple rode by rail to Chicago and then by stage coach to Tipton, Iowa. From Tipton they crossed the Cedar River at Gower's Ferry (now Cedar Bluffs) and settled in Newport Township on 31 May, 1854, reuniting with Orrin's parents who had settled the area two years earlier. Orrin first moved in with his parents where his first children were born.

Orrin later purchased 80 acres in Section 10 of Graham Township, a township formed from part of Newport. They built a cabin on the largely unbroken prairie and lived a pioneer life, with wolves, deer, elk, and wild fowl populating their new home. Orrin ultimately expanded his plot of 80 acres to 300 acres and became a prominent member of Graham/Morse. He served on the building committee that erected the Christian church at Morse, served four years as a justice of the peace, and was active in school affairs and local politics.

Orrin's parents, most of his siblings, and daughter Candace moved west to California beginning in 1868.

Orrin ANDREWS died on January 11, 1902, in Graham Township, after suffering from a stroke earlier in the week. He died the same day as his son, Charles, who had developed pneumonia after a losing his hand in a corn shredder accident. Both were buried at the Morse Cemetery.

Orrin's widow Sarah (SHEPARD) ANDREWS died on August 4, 1912, in Morse at the age of 85.

"History of Johnson County, Iowa"

Sarah SHEPARD was born in Erie County, PA, daughter of Mason and Jane (SMITH) SHEPARD, her father was a native of Vermont and a farmer by occupation.

[Mason] was married in Erie County and died in Crawford county, in 1866 at the age of seventy seven years. Mrs. SHEPARD was born in Erie county and died in Crawford county, at the age of eighty-six years. Mrs. ANDREWS, the eldest of their eight children, is now in her eighty-fifth year, and in full possession of her faculties. She was reared on her father's farm and well educated in the public schools and in an academy. The locality where she and her husband settled, soon after coming to Johnson County in the spring of 1854, was mostly unbroken prairie, but contained some timber. The trip to the new home was fraught with interest to the young couple. They came by wagon to Erie City, thence down the Ohio by steamer and on to Cleveland, thence by rail to Chicago, and on from that city by stage to Tipton, Iowa. Arriving at Tipton, they crossed the Cedar River at Gower's Ferry, now Cedar Bluffs, and landed in Newport township, their final destination. Part of Newport was later included in Graham township, the present home of Mrs. ANDREWS.

The ANDREWS lived for a time on his father's farm, where their first children were born, and the first eighty acres of their own was unimproved. Their hewed log cabin was of fair size, plastered and mortared with clay, and it is still plainly remembered by Mrs. ANDREWS. The location was formerly known as Picayune Grove, and they lived there nine years. In the rugged pioneer cabin Charles M. ANDREWS first saw the light. Their three children were: Jennie I., wife of Arthur E. PAGE, a farmer of Polk county, Wisconsin; Jessie I, married James COZINE, M.D., a Chicago physician, they also had one child now deceased; Charles M., who died in 1902.

Mr and Mrs. PAGE have the following children: Miss Edna, the sole companion and comfort of her grandmother; Ada, married Charles JOHNSON, lives in Frederick, Wisconsin; one child, Gladys Leora, the only great grandchild of Mrs. ANDREWS; Arthur O., Tracy S., Bertha S., and two deceased. These are Jennie ANDREWS' children.

Mrs. ANDREWS lives in the old homestead in Graham township. Miss Edna is a bright and charming young woman and brightens the days of her aged grandmother. Mrs. ANDREWS had rented all her land and is relieved from its care, so that she is able to enjoy a well earned rest with few cares to interrupt her ease and quiet. She has a vivid recollection of early days and her account of here earlier life is most interesting. She well remembers the early years when wolves were frequently seen in front of their cabin, and deer, elk and wild fowl were plentiful. At first the candles used for lighting the home were made by the primitive method of "dipping", and later, when molds came into the market, the new method was a great saving of time and work. She was a typical pioneer wife and mother, and was always most solicitous of the comfort and welfare of her family.



Mrs. ANDREWS possessed great force of character, and uncommon amount of common sense, a kind heart, full of sympathy and a good will to all about her. She made her home a typical American home, where God was feared, industry, morality, honor, virtue and right living were taught and exemplified. No one in need or distress ever appealed to her in vain. She was a ministering angel at the bedside of the sick, a comforter to those in distress.

She was highly respected and greatly beloved by the entire community and all who knew her. She will long be remembered for her pure life, sterling character and the good deeds she has done. No one who has lived to the grand old age of more than eighty five years, whose life has been an open book in the community for nearly half a century, exemplifying the religious truth which moulded her life, who has enjoyed the love and confidence of all, as has Mrs. ANDREWS, can be said to have lived in vain.

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Laura P. (ANDREWS) HARE (1827-<1879)

12. Laura P. ANDREWS was born in Mexico, Oswego County, New York on July 4, 1827, the 51st birthday of the United States. Her family moved to Ohio about 1834 and then resettled a year or two later in Amity Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

George Washington HARE?
A George Washington HARE, born between 1826-1827, is found in Waterford Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania. In 1850 he was still living with his parents, John and Olive HARE. He had started a family with Amarinda/Lorinda by 1851 or 1852 and remained in Waterford through at least 1880.

Laura married Watson (or perhaps Washington) HARE and moved to Waterford Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She died some time before her mother's death in 1879.

Nathan David ANDREWS (1828-1915)

13. Nathan David ANDREWS was born on December 1, 1828, in Mexico, Oswego County, New York. He married Amanda COVERT about 1859 in Ohio and raised a family of five, four of whom survived to adulthood:

131. George Leslie ANDREWS 20 Feb 1865 --  -- 
132. Sherman ANDREWS (1867) --  -- 
133. John N. ANDREWS 1869 --  -- 
134. Eva ANDREWS 1871 --  -- 

By 1865 they lived in Nebraska, possibly after a stay in Missouri, and eventually followed Nathan's father to Morro, San Luis Obispo, California where he worked as a farmer.

Nathan bought a homestead in Stone Canyon, Monterey County, in 1878 and raised stock until he retired to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, around the turn of the century.

Nathan and Amanda divorced sometime during the 1870s.

Nathan David ANDREWS died on September 14, 1915, in Paso Robles at the age of 86. He is buried in Paso Robles along with several family members.

Amanda (COVERT) ANDREWS died a few years later in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.

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Sophia (ANDREWS) AMES (1830-1905)

14. Sophia ANDREWS was born on September 20, 1830, in Mexico, Oswego County, New York. She married Williams Almiron AMES about 1850 in Iowa and started a family of five in Newport Township, Johnson County:

141. Estella "Stella" P. AMES (1850) (1875-1879) (>24)
142. Laurel A. AMES (1852) --  -- 
143. Frank O. AMES (1855) Bef. 1860 (<5)
144. Helen A. AMES (1860) (1875) (15)
145. Mary Alice AMES 2 Feb 1863 18 Jun 1934 (71)

Around 1867 the AMES family moved away and lost contact with the ANDREWS family. By the 1870 census the AMES family had resettled in Hiawatha, Lochnane Township in Brown County, in northeastern Kansas. It was in Kansas that family lore states that William, a particularly mean man, left his family behind in the winter without food. The family survived but only with help from neighbors.

At the time of Sophia's mother's death in 1879, Sophia's mother and siblings had not heard from her for about 12 years.

Come the 1880 census, the AMES family had moved west to Summerville, Union County, in northeastern Oregon. There their youngest daughter Alice married John William HUFFMAN in 1880. Later they moved east into neighboring Wallowa County and settled in Joseph. Here Sophia moved in with her youngest daughter and her husband for a time when her situation with William got particularly bad. Later William came down with a terrible illness and William had to move in with his daughter as well. But his ill temper resigned him to having to stay in the tack barn while his wife and daughter slipped him food under the door. He eventually died sometime before 1900 and was burried in an unmarked grave out on the "Y" in what is called the Big Sheep outside of Joseph.

Sophia (ANDREWS) AMES died on February 24, 1905, in Joseph, Wallowa County, Oregon and is buried at the nearby Prairie Creek Cemetery. She was 74 years old.

Harriet D. (ANDREWS) KESTER (1832-1913)

15. Harriet D. ANDREWS was born on 31 December 1832 in either Mexico, Oswego County, New York or Amity, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She married William KESTER in Johnson County, Iowa on 5 March 1854 and had five children:

151. Dulcena Estell KESTER 4 Apr 1855 --  -- 
152. Homer K. KESTER 31 Dec 1857 Bef. 1945 (<88)
153. Emma KESTER Apr (1860) --  -- 
154. Eunice Lillian KESTER 2 Jul 1860 25 Nov 1946 (86)
155. Herbert Harlow KESTER 15 Jun 1863 --  -- 
Harriet's niece Candace Mandana ANDREWS married William's nephew Isaac Dennis MILLER in 1868 complicating the alliance of ANDREWS, MILLER, and KESTER families.

By the time of Harriet's mother's death in 1879, the KESTERs had moved to Stockton, San Joaquin County, California. By the 1900 census they moved further north to the Pitt River district in Lassen County.

William KESTER died on December 27, 1894, at the age of 63.

Harriet (ANDREWS) KESTER died nine years later on October 6, 1913, in Pittville, (Shasta/Lassen County), California. She was 80 years old.

John C. ANDREWS (1835-<1879)

16. John C. ANDREWS was born on November 27, 1835, in either Mexico, Oswego County, New York or Amity, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He settled with his parents in Graham Township, Johnson County, Iowa, and later married Mary E. in Louisa County, Iowa in 1860.

John died in Iowa some time before his mother's death in 1879.

Cordelia E. (ANDREWS) SMITH (1838-1919)

18. Cordelia E. ANDREWS was born on December 6, 1838, in Amity, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She married Isaac HELLER in Iowa about 1855 and later married Wilson J. SMITH in Johnson County, Iowa, around 1860. They had as many as eight children, five surviving to adulthood. The first three were probably born in Iowa before they moved to Salinas, Monterey County, California, around 1874.

181. Wilson J. SMITH (1865) --  -- 
182. Cordelia E. SMITH 1867 --  -- 
183. Ada SMITH 1869 --  -- 
184. Ida B. SMITH 1874 --  -- 
185. Oliver T. SMITH 1882 --  -- 

The SMITHs settled in Alisal Township in Salinas around 1874 where they were noted living on Harvest Street[Cen 1900, 1910].

Wilson J. SMITH died in Salinas around 1910, about the age of 78.

Cordelia (ANDREWS) SMITH died on July 1, 1919, in Salinas at the age of 80.


"Mrs. Cordelia E. SMITH, widow of the late Wilson J. SMITH, died in this city at 2 o'clock this morning, having succumbed to the infirmities of age. She was a native of Pennsylvania. She has been a resident of Salinas for 45 years and had many friends who will regret to hear of her death. Mrs. SMITH is survived by three daughters and two sons, Miss Ada SMITH of Spokane, Washington, Mrs. Della PALMER of San Francisco, Mrs. Ida B. JONES of Trinity county, Cal., Oliver T. SMITH of San Francisco and W. J. SMITH of this city.

The last sad rites for the late Mrs. Cordelia SMITH were performed this afternoon at Muller's mortuary chapel, the Rev. S.J. HOCKING of the Gabilan Street M.E. church officiating. Many friends and relatives of the much esteemed pioneer woman were present and the floral tokens in respect to her memory were profuse and beautiful. Interment was made in I.O.O.F. cemetery. Acting as pallbearers were Robert PORTER, Henry BARDIN, Lair PATTERSON, Nis NISSEN, A.M. CARPENTER and A. J. MCCOLLUM.

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  • Cen 1910: Apr 1910 Census, 202 Harvest Street, Alisal Township, Salinas, Monterey County, California

Frances Caroline (ANDREWS) MORSE (1842-1927)

19. Frances Caroline ANDREWS was born on December 3, 1842, in Amity, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She married Stephen E. MORSE on October 15, 1861, in Black Hawk County, Iowa, and started a family of eight children.

191. Dora MORSE --  --  -- 
192. Nathaniel MORSE (1863) --  -- 
193. Nevada G. MORSE (1865) --  -- 
194. Alletha/Olethe MORSE (1866-1867) 13 Dec 1898 (32)
195. Nellie MORSE (1869) --  -- 
196. Daisy MORSE May 1876 --  -- 
197. Susie MORSE Apr 1879 --  -- 
198. Stephen E. MORSE, Jr. Oct 1883 --  -- 
MORSE Family
Stephen E. MORSE, the son of Nathaniel Brown MORSE, was also the younger brother of Ruth Ann MORSE who married into another allied family of our ANDREWS-MILLER family, the KESTER family.

The MORSE family moved to Nebraska where they resided in Washington County at the time of Frances' mother's death in 1879. In the 1880 census the MORSE family is found in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska, where Stephen is listed as a stable keeper. They later moved to Red Bluff, Tehama County, California, around 1899 where Frances lived for 28 years before her death.

Stephen E. MORSE died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, on December 4, 1905, at the age of 69. Frances (ANDREWS) MORSE died 22 years later in Red Bluff on August 5, 1927. She was 84 years old.