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June 2012
Special thanks to Nancy (Page) Richings who provided the lion's share of work on the Andrews lineage.

Our branch of the Andrews family begins in Oneida County in central New York in 1797 with the birth of Nathan Andrews2. Although the Erie Canal, which cut through Oneida County, opened in 1825, Nathan moved to Oswego County along New York's Lake Ontario shoreline to start his family. There they stayed for about eight years before briefly moving to Trumbull County in northeastern Ohio and then backtracking slightly to Amity, Erie County, Pennsylvania by 1835. In 1852, Nathan resettled in Graham Township, Johnson County, Iowa, where his eldest son, Orrin3, followed him and settled as well.

Around 1868, Nathan moved once more, this time to Morro, San Luis Obispo, California. His granddaughter, Candace Mandana (Andrews) Miller4 settled in San Luis Obispo County as well, two years later.


X. The father of our ancestor Nathan Andrews may also have been named Nathan Andrews. According to the obituary of Eber Andrews, a likely elde son, the Andrews family started in Connecticut and moved to Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York, "in a timber wagon drawn by oxen," when Eber was three years old (about 1793). A Nathan Andrews is found in the 1800 through 1820 censuses of Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York, the birthplace of our Nathan. In 1800 Nathan was noted as being 26 to 44 years of age, indicating he was born between 1756 and 1773[Cen 1800]. At the time he had five children: two boys and two girls under the age of 10 and one boy between the ages of 10 and 15. 20 years later he had six children at home: one boy under the age of 10, two girls between 10 and 15, and a son and daughter between the ages of 16 and 26. His wife apparently had passsed on prior to 1820.[Cen 1800,1810,1820] His family may have looked something like this:

X1. Eber Andrews (Sep) 1790 15 Mar 1882 (91)
X2. Andrews Daughter (1790-1800) --  -- 
X3. Andrews Daughter (1794-1800) --  -- 
1. Nathan Andrews1 29 May 1797 28 Feb 1883 (85)
X4. William S. Andrews (1799-1800) --  -- 
X5. Andrews Daughter (1804-1810) --  -- 
X6. Andrews Son (1810-1820) --  -- 
X7. Nancy Andrews (1810) --  -- 

Bridgewater Andrews
Census research reveals possible sons in the Bridgewater area that may fit above. The 1850 census reveal an Eber Andrews in nearby Paris Township, a William S. Andrews in Bridgewater, and a Nancy (Andrews) Doolittle in nearby Kirkland. These individuals all have a Connecticut connection that suggest the Andrews came to New York from Connecticut. Eber's birth is recorded as being in Connecticut, William is enumerated with his likely mother, Mary, from Connecticut, and another researcher records that Nancy's family came to Bridgewater from Connecticut by ox team.

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Eber ANDREWS1 (1790-1882)

June 2012X. Eber Andrews was born about September 1790 in Connecticut, and was likely an elder brother of Nathan Andrews2. Eber and his family moved from Connecticut to Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York, when Eber was three years old (about 1793). Eber married Ruth and had 12 children:

Xx. Andrews Daughter (1810-1820) --  -- 
Xx. Maranda R. Andrews 1823 May 1898 (74)
Xx. Andrews Daughter (1820-1825) --  -- 
Xx. Andrews Daughter (1820-1825) --  -- 
Xx. Emily Andrews (1826-1827) --  -- 
Xx. Laurinda L. Andrews 7 Jun 1829 (11) Mar 1901 (71)
Xx. Nancy Andrews (1832-1833) --  -- 
Xx. Eber Andrews (Jr.) (1835-1836) --  -- 
Xx. William Andrews (1839-1840) --  -- 
Xx. Erastus D. AndrewsBlue Star Feb 1842 1901 (59)

The Andrews family had one daughter by 1820, when they still lived in Bridgewater.[Cen 1820] About 1828, when Eber was 38 years old, the family moved down the Sauquoit Valley to Sauquoit, Oneida County. They stayed in Sauquoit for six years before moving back up the Sauquoit Valley to Cassville about 1834. There, by 1840, their family had grown to nine children: one girl, age 20-30; four girls, age 15-20 (Maranda and perhaps including Emily); one girl, age 10-15 (Laurinda); one girl, age 5-10 (Nancy); and two boys (Eber and William).[Cen 1840]

Eber and Ruth moved west to Lisbon Townshp, Kendall County, Illinois, in 1858.

One son, perhaps Eber or William, died serving in the Union Army. Son Erastus enlisted in the 91st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which served in Kentucky, the Vicksburg Campaign, and afterward the defense of New Orleans and an expedition into Texas.

Ruth Andrews died on March 9, 1873, at the age of 74. She was buried at Sauquoit Valley Cemetery in Clayville, Oneida County, New York.[Grave]

After Ruth's death, Eber remained in Sauquoit for the rest of his days. He died nine years later at his daughter's home in Sauquoit on March 15, 1882. He was 91 years old and was buried with Ruth in Sauquoit Valley Cemetery.[Grave]

Utica Weekly Herald, March 21, 1882
"Sauquoit - Eber Andrews the oldest member of the town of Paris died Tuesday night at the residence of his daughter Mrs. William Teachout in this village. Mr. Andrews was in his ninety-second year. He came to this state from Connecticut when but three years of age in a timber wagon drawn by oxen and settled with his parents in Bridgewater. Here he lived until he was thirty-eight years old when he moved to Cassville where he lived for six years. He then changed his place of residence to Sauquoit where he remained until 1858. In that year he moved to Lisbon, Kendall, IL. In 1873 he returned to Sauquoit where he lived for the rest of his life. Mr. Andrews had 12 children nine girls and three boys. One son gave his life for his country in the late rebellion, one daughter died in infancy and another at the age of thirty. The other nine are still living. Mr. Andrews was a man of strict integrity and pleasant disposition. It is said, 'He was never known to speak a cross word or do an unkind act.' By his death the village loses an esteemed citizen and one who will be long remembered. He was in full possesion of his mental facutlies until the last."

Daughter Laurinda (Andrews) Teachout remained in Sauquoit, while eldest daughter Maranda (Andrews Dunham) Hammond moved west to Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa, in the late 1870s, after her first husband died and she remarried. Son Erastus also found his way to Waterloo after 1880.

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Nathan ANDREWS1 (1797-1883)

Nathan ANDREWS 1. Nathan Andrews was born May 29, 1797, in Bridgewater, Oneida County, in central New York. He married Philena Ames, of Hounsfield, New York (then in Oneida County, now in Jefferson County), and began their family of nine children in Oswego County.

11. Orrin P. Andrews2 8 Dec 1825 11 Jan 1902 (76)
12. Laura P. Andrews 4 Jul 1827  Bef. 1879 (<52)
13. Nathan David Andrews 1 Dec 1828 14 Sep 1915 (86)
14. Sophia Andrews 20 Sep 1830 24 Feb 1905 (74)
15. Harriet D. Andrews 31 Dec 1832 6 Oct 1913 (80)
16. John C. Andrews 27 Nov 1835 Bef. 1879 (<44)
17. Nancy Andrews 1836 1836 (0)
18. Cordelia E. Andrews 6 Dec 1838 1 Jul 1919 (80)
19. Frances Caroline Andrews 3 Dec 1842 5 Aug 1927 (84)

Nathan ANDREWS (left) and unnamed brother (right) Soon after the new Andrews family began, they lived in Richland, Oswego County. There, Orrin was born. About a year later, they moved a little southwest to Mexico, Oswego County, where they settled for about eight years and the next four children were born (through about 1834). Then, the family moved briefly to Trumbull County, Ohio, outside of Cleveland, before backtracking slightly and resettling in northwest Amity Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where their last three children were born.

The family first settled in Amity Township by 1837, presumably in the portion of Lot 1999 described below. Then he purchased an adjacent 8-acre parcel on the Waterford side of the township line in Lot 2012 from George Wattle on June 17, 1837, for $52.50.[Deed 1837]

The Andrews stayed in Amity and Waterford Townships until Nathan and Philena sold the two lots to Robert Johnson and Charles C. P. Johnson on April 16, 1851.[Deed 1851] The first of these two lots, in northeast Amity Township, was described as a 120.34-acre lot, the west half of Lot 1999 of the Tenth Donation District, which bordered Waterford Township on the west, and roughly follows the stream of Lake Pleasant Outlet, Ellis Williams on the north, and Lot 1998 to the south. The second lot contained 8.9 acres and lay to the west in Waterford Township in the southeast corner of Lot 2012, presumably adjacent to the first lot. This lot was bordered on the north by Waterford-Wattsburg Road (presumably modern-day Lowe Road) and to the west was Aseph Witherall.[Deed 1851]

The Andrews family thereafter moved west to Johnson County, Iowa, where they set up home in Graham Township, just south of Morse, by 1852.

In 1856, Iowa recorded residents of Newport Township with the, Andrews, Ames, Kester and Morse families all in close proximity.[Cen 1856]

With the family grown, Nathan and Philena decided to strike out one last time, in 1868 -- this time to California. They settled in Morro, San Luis Obispo County, California, and were joined a little later by granddaughter, Candace, her husband, and children. Their younger children, Nathan, Harriet, Cordelia, and Frances, all made their way to California as well.

Philena (Ames) Andrews died on January 7, 1879 in Morro, San Luis Obispo County, at the age of 74. She was survived by her husband and all of her children, except Laura, John, and Nancy. Philena is buried at the Cayucos Cemetery in Morro, San Luis Obispo County, California.

The year after Philena's death, Nathan remarried to an English immigrant named Nancy from the Isle of Jersey, a possession of the British Crown off the northwest coast of France, in Morro. She was 16 years his junior. They were only married three years before Nathan died.

Nathan Andrews died on February 28, 1883, in Morro at the age of 85. He is buried at the Cayucos Cemetery in Morro along with his wife Philena.

Nancy Andrews died 12 years later in 1895 in Morro. She was about 83 years old.

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